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Are you familiar with one single human who is not fascinated by the world-class beats of EDM Dance? For Electronic Dance Music has established itself as one of the most loved and popular club music genres, you can’t rate it low. Seattle is proud to have the immense and whacking EDM Dance clubs, which turn the bleak nights into the bright days. Age is of no matter to enjoy the ultimate EDM in the clubs. Just be optimistic and youthful at heart and the city is going to take the edge off your desires. Follow our list of the finest EDM clubs in the town to visit, more often than not. Believe us, anything but ordinary is on your way!

1. The Baltic Room

The Baltic Room

Baltic Room is the most iconic nightclub that you can discover in Seattle. Any person who wants to get a fascinating experience at a nightclub in Seattle can think about visiting Baltic Room. This nightclub is strategically located in the gateway to Capitol Hill. This can contribute a lot towards the overall experience that you will be able to receive at the night club. You can find dancing, drinks,. Live music from DJs and guest performances of many local talents on a typical night that you spend in Baltic Room.

2. Club Contour

Club Contour

Among the dance clubs located in Seattle, Club Contour has received a lot of positive attention as well. It is a full service restaurant, which features an outstanding dance club. The best thing about Club Contour is the amazing happy hour. Unlike many other nightclubs that you can find in the region, a happy hour at Club Contour will go on until 8pm in the evening. Therefore, you have more time to enjoy drinks at Club Contour without spending a fortune.

3. Trinity


If you are looking for a uniquely themed nightclub in Seattle to visit, Trinity Nightclub is a good option available to consider. It provides one of a kind décor to the guests and you will fall in love with the overall experience offered. This nightclub also has a full lounge, which has start of the art lighting and sound. You will fall in love with the interiors of Trinity Nightclub as soon as you walk into it. Therefore, you will feel like visiting here over and over again as well.



Stage Seattle is one of the premier nightlife destinations that you can discover in Seattle. It is located in the historic pioneer square district of Seattle. Stage Seattle doesn’t have a rich history like other nightclubs in the region. In fact, this nightclub was established back in the year 2015. However, it has been able to attract a lot of positive attention and reputation within a short period of time. Due to the same reason, any person can think about visiting Stage Seattle as well.

5. Ora Nightclub

Ora Nightclub

Ora Nightclub is a prominent night club as well as a dance club that can be found in Seattle. It can provide a great experience with millennial dance music. You are guaranteed to get a night filled with entertainment during the time that is being spent at Ora Nightclub. Therefore, any person who wants to kill the night with party vibe can think about visiting Ora Nightclub to experience a night. It will be one of the best experiences that you can receive as well.

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In Conclusion

The most paramount and uplifting EDM is offered by the world-class DJs and artists in Seattle. Never underestimate the local EDM Dance talent of Seattle as Seattle’s got the best of it! Go shed your weariness off and get tuned yourself anew. The finest music is awaiting you in Seattle’s nightclubs. So, wasting time is forbidden! Just rush to those nightclubs where you can get the actual fun of your life! Seattle’s nightclubs are where you can go if you can’t agree on anything short of perfection.

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