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Egg London, Guide & Review

This London venue is always open to hosting new talents, as well as welcoming old artists as well. With an open space for hosting private parties throughout the year, Egg London is a massive space, with its open garden venue being its biggest selling point.

One of the best parts about Egg is its remote location. This location allows club goers make as much noise as they want to without having the fear of disturbing anyone around them. The bar on the top floor is beautifully draped in red leather, while the main dance floor and ground floor are completely paradoxical; having a rich, warehouse vibe to it.

This is the ultimate guide to Egg Club, London. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the directions to get there, what you are expected to wear, and what you can generally expect from this club.

A popular night club with a very unpretentious vibe, Egg welcomes crowds of all forms through its front doors.

Location and How to Get to Egg Club

Egg Club is located at a very remote area of the city, right at 200 York Way, London N7 9AX, UK. Its remote location makes it a perfect party spot for those who want to enjoy the Ibiza like vibes of the club and make merry all night long, without having to worry about disturbing those around them.

Dress Code and Age Requirement for Egg London

The age requirement for Egg London Club has been recently changed; the minimum age requirement now being 19 years and above. Be sure to always carry a valid proof of ID with you at all times, as Egg is extremely strict about this. If you do not have a valid ID proof on you, you will be denied entry into the club immediately. You must also keep this ID proof with you when you are at the bar ordering drinks at Egg Club.

As for the dress code of Egg London Club, it is refreshingly casual. There is something unique that  you will find here at Egg; it is probably one of the only night clubs which will allow their club goers to come in jeans, smart sportswear, fancy sneakers and sandals. No other night club has a dress code policy this lax.

As for the men, you can come dressed as casual or as fancy as you wish. A fancy t shirt, jeans, sneakers, collared shirt or trousers would be just great. As for the ladies, a crop top, jeans, shorts, mini skirts and dresses are all good to go. However, avoid wearing casual sports shoes and hoodies, as this is the only thing that the club will not allow you to wear.

Weekly Program at Egg London

A vivacious night club which is open for 24 hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Egg London has amazing programs, concerts, events and parties being held throughout the year.

Friday nights are very energetic at Egg, as the club welcomes the emerging talent of DJs and artists. With enthusiastic crowds always ready to welcome to next big star in London, Friday Nights are one of the most amazing nights at Egg London.

Saturday nights at Egg London welcomes some of the more renowned, international DJs coming there to show off their talent.

Whether you prefer to check out the new talent in London, or you prefer to dance away to old favourites, you can pick your night to enjoy at Egg London.

Other nights at Egg, of course, are just as energetic and full of adventure as the weekends.

Check out the Facebook page and the official website for Egg London to know all about the upcoming events and parties which you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


Egg London welcomes a lot of new and upcoming DJ’s with their own different styles of music. However, the typical genre of music that you will find at this night club is techno and house music. If you do happen to visit on the nights when new DJ’s visit to show off their fresh talent, you might come across a varying genre of music on those nights.

Friday nights at Egg offer a mix of drum, bass, deep house, glitch and electro. Saturday nights on the other hand embrace house and techno mostly.

Average Line and Guest Lists

Even with a capacity of 1000 guests, Egg London finds itself extremely busy on most nights. On a typical night, you would have to wait for 30 minutes to an hour in line. The typical cover charge for Egg London varies according to different nights.

It is always a good idea to get your names on the Guest List for Egg London. Get in touch with our Egg London partners to know how you can get your names on the Guest List and skip the long waits in line outside the club.

VIP Tables and Bottle Service at Egg London

The VIP Tables at Egg London are very reasonable and a must have experience when at this night club. A VIP table for 5 starts at 250 Euros, while a VIP Table for 12 is 550 Euros. With the bottle service, you can enjoy amazing champagne and soft drinks.

Drink prices

The drink prices at Egg London are affordable enough for all- the drinks start at 4 Euros only, cocktails starting from 10 Euros, going right up to 15 Euros and much more for fancier drinks. Of course, on themed nights, you can enjoy some even fancier, theme cocktails which are not only beautiful to look at but also extremely delicious.

Our recommendations

There is a great cloakroom service at Egg, however, this place accepts only cash, so be sure to carry cash on you at all times.

The age requirement for Egg is strictly 19 and above, so be sure to carry a valid proof of ID with you because your ID would be checked multiple times, if required.

Even with the extremely relaxed dress code, avoid wearing hoodies and casual sports shoes, as this is not allowed.

No photography is also allowed on the dance floor, so be very careful of this rule.

Well, that’s about it. Now that you know everything you need to about Egg London, you are ready to enjoy an amazing night at this quirky venue.

Egg London Dress Code Guide

Egg London is a brilliant multimedia space which welcomes some of the top DJ’s, artists, and enthusiastic club goers from all over London. If you find yourself desiring to have an experience at Egg, well, there are a few things you need to keep in mind for that.

Egg, London, is an institution, more than a mere night club. The building has been completely renovated and is spread over 3 floors, and is one of the largest open terrace venues in the city. Of course, being such an important venue in London means that the door policy is pretty strict.

Here is the ultimate guide to the dress code policy of Egg, London. Find out what you should wear (and what you should avoid) to gain entry into this club.

Egg Dress Code for the Ladies

Egg has a very refreshing dress code policy. The dress code guide states that it is ‘Smart Casuals’, however, unlike other night clubs, Egg takes the word ‘Casual’ to the true sense of the word.

Egg is one of the few venues in London where you can comfortably turn up in jeans, sneakers, and even a pair of fancy sports shoes, if you have one. However, since it is a night club and most ladies like to dress up a bit, you will find that the crowds at Egg are mostly dressed in casual dresses, skirts, shorts and tops. You can put on your favourite dress, a crop top, a blouse and a comfortable pair of shoes, and you would be just fine.

Of course, if you would like to dress up a little more, you are more than welcome to do so!

As for your hair, experimentation is key! Put your hair up, or let it down, accessorize, and just go wild!

Tattoos are allowed at Egg, so if you have a couple of beautiful works of body art you want to show off, this is just the place to do so!

Egg Dress Code for the Gents

The gentlemen visiting Egg Club have a pretty great deal due to the refreshingly casual dress code policy here. Egg is one of the few clubs around the world which will actually accept you if you come wearing fancy sneakers or fancy sportswear. No other club in the world has this kind of a policy. Jeans and trainers are allowed as well. This kind of dress code policy opens a lot of doors for men who like to experiment and play around with their sense of style.

Put on a fancy t shirt, some jeans and a nice pair of designer sneakers, and you should be able to gain entry into the club just fine.

It is best to come well groomed, however, you won’t be turned away if you are sporting a fancy beard or hairstyle.

Tattoos and piercings are just fine, no rules against them!

Our suggestions

While the dress code policy of Egg is extremely casual, hoodies and casual sportswear is still a big no-no.

You can always check out the Facebook pages and official website for Egg, London, to see what kind of clothes are okay and what kinds are not for this club.

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