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Electric Brixton London, Guide & Review

A vibrant nightclub which attracts crowds of a similar personality, Electric Brixton is a great place for those who want to enjoy some of the best live music from talented artists from all over the world.

This is the ultimate guide to Electric Brixton Club, London. Here you will find out everything you need to know about how to get to the club, what you need to wear there, and what you can expect once you are there. Follow this guide carefully and you should be completely prepared on having one of the best nights of your life at Electric Brixton, London!

Location and How to Get to Electric Brixton

Electric Brixton is located at Town Hall Parade London SW2 1RJ, UK. Being such a popular place in Brixton, it is quite easily accessible from all directions. The best, easiest way to reach the club would probably be to opt for a taxi service to take you there. Of course, this mode of transportation might also turn out to be an expensive one.

Dress Code and Age Requirement

Electric Brixton Club is extremely strict about its age requirement. The door policy requires every club goer to first produce a valid form of ID and age proof to gain entry into the club. These documents are scanned at the front door, and only then is the individual allowed to enter into the club. Without a valid proof of age, no one will be allowed to enter into the club under any circumstances. The minimum age requirement for Electric Brixton Club is 18 years of age. Be sure to keep your ID proof and age proof with you at all times inside the club, as you may be asked to produce it at any time as the club security deems fit.

Of course, it is important to note that some gigs allow minors over the age of 14 also to enter; however, they must be accompanied by an adult with a valid ID proof and age proof.

The dress code for Electric Brixton is Smart Club Attire. This dress code policy is quite flexible. While you can dress up in your best formals, you may also dress slightly more casual in just a t shirt and jeans, if you wish to. The same dress code policy goes for both men as well as women. Of course, the club hosts some of the most fancy and exciting events and live shows, performances and gigs, which require you to dress up well.

The women can come dressed in fancy club outfits; jeans and a top, skirts, fancy blouses, and dresses. As for the men, they can dress up in a fancy t shirt and designer jeans if they wish to be casual or more formal club attire on fancier nights.

Weekly Program at Electric Brixton

Electric Brixton is open on all nights of the week, all year round. This night club has become an extremely popular location for famous artists and DJ’s from all over the world to come and display their amazing talents. Some of the most memorable events have been held within the four walls of Electric Brixton.

The best way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these amazing events, private parties, gigs and live performances is to keep yourself updated on the upcoming events for Electric Brixton. Check out the Facebook page and the official website for Electric Brixton to find out about the events being held here at the club. Be sure to book your tickets in advance so that you don’t miss out on any of the gigs and live shows being performed here.


The music scene at Electric Brixton is widely Electronic Music. This means that you will hear a lot of techno, house, UK bass, grime, bass and drum. Of course, depending on which night you are visiting and what kind of artist is performing on that night, the music scene will vary. Be sure to keep yourself updated on the events being held here at Electric Brixton so that you know exactly which days you want to visit the club and enjoy your favourite genre of music.

Average Line and Guest Lists

The average line outside Electric Brixton Club can be pretty long. This is because the club venue stays pretty much crowded on all nights of the week. You can expect to wait for 30 minutes to even an hour on typical nights. The entry fee varies on every night, depending on what kind of events and gigs are being held at the club. This could vary anywhere from 20 pounds to even 30 pounds and more.

You can always get your names on the Guest List for Electric Brixton Club. Get in touch with the Electric Brixton partners to know all about the Guest List and how you can get on there. Once your name is up, you can enjoy a speedy entry into the club without having to wait in the long line.

VIP Tables and Bottle Service at Electric Brixton

The VIP packages at Electric Brixton will ensure that you and your group enjoy an unmatched, unforgettable night at the club. With the best service and the most amazing drinks for you and your table, opting for a VIP table and Bottle Service at this club is definitely worth the money.

The typical cost for a VIP table at Electric Brixton is 75 pounds per person. This is a table for 4 people. The minimum amount to be spent on a table is 100 pounds. The VIP tables also give you some complimentary snacks for you and your table!

Drink Prices

The drink prices here at Electric Brixton tend to be quite expensive, however, considering what a popular venue it is and the area where it is located, the drink prices are pretty much expected to be this expensive. The drinks start at 10 pounds, but can go as high as 25 pounds for just one drink. However, the drinks are really well made and while you are here, there is no harm indulging in a few!

Our recommendations

The club opens up its doors quite early, around 10 pm, and the crowds can get quite overwhelming. It is a good idea to reach early so you can escape the long wait outside the club doors.

The cloakroom charges are 2.50 pounds per item, so carry as little as you can.

Well, that’s all you need to know about this stupendous venue known as Electric Brixton, London!

Electric Brixton London Dress Code Guide

If you are someone who prefers to jive to live music from some of the most talented DJ’s from all over the world, compared to just playing club music from a stereo, well, Electric Brixton is the night club for you. A popular spot for all kinds of events in London, Electric Brixton has come to be known as one of the most popular and sough after night clubs in London.

If you find yourself desiring a night at this club but are not sure what to wear, this ultimate guide to the dress code of Electric Brixton will tell you everything you need to know.

Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The dress code for Electric Brixton states smart club attire. This means that while you can always experiment with your casual fashion sense, there are certain events being held here at the club which will require you to dress a little more smart and party appropriate.

For the women, this translates to dresses, tops, fancy blouses, or even a t shirt and jeans if you feel like it. You can always wear heels to the club, but of course, keep in mind that you will probably be on your feet all night enjoying the live music performance. While there is enough room for you to take a breather and have a seat, it is observed that people are usually so into the party that they don’t want to miss even a moment of it. It is always better if you want to wear some comfortable shoes instead. However, avoid wearing sandals and flip flops are you are just prone to injury amongst the heavy crowds.

As for your hair, again, keep in mind ladies that it is bound to get pretty hot and sweaty amongst the crowds. Even if you decide on a fancy hairdo, keep a hair tie with you just in case you need to tie your hair up.

Tattoos are always welcome here at Electric Brixton, so if you have one, or a few, flaunt them!

Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The smart club attire for men at Electric Brixton translates to fancy t shirts, collared shirts, trousers or just a really nice pair of jeans. Probably best to avoid wearing shorts and overly casual outfits. The only reason behind this is that Electric Brixton is known for hosting some really fabulous events. At these kinds of gigs, you will simply feel out of place in your worn out t shirt and shorts and crocs.

As for your shoes, you can always go formal, but you can always wear sneakers if you wish to.

Keep yourself well groomed if you want to be noticed by the ladies, but also, you can experiment with some quirky hairstyles if you want to gain attention in a different way!

Tattoos are more than welcome at this club.

Our suggestions

Electric Brixton is the ultimate place in London for all the major events and gigs. Be sure to dress well and keep yourself prepared for the best club night of your life!

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