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Exklusiv Nightclub Manila, Guide & Review

Are you in search of a great nightlife experience in Manila? Exklusiv is a high energy, relaxed and high-end bar and  Nightclub in Manila, Philippines. The city of Manila’s only nightlife hotspot where you can eat, drink and party. 

At Exklusiv nightclub you encounter beautiful faces, no entry fee, friendly staff with amazing customer service, beautiful ambience, excellent music, nice friendly crowd, beautiful girls, satisfactory drinks with a wide selection of legit liquor, Delicious roster International cocktails, tasty freshly made food, impressive and spacious interior which is around 20,000sq ft, on-point security and general staff who are quick and responsive with food and drinks, delicious food and full bar with huge selection of legit drinks with separate menus for food and drinks, tasty appetizers included a mix of western & Filipino favorites such as chicken wings, vibe fun filled atmosphere, awesome live performances and acts, nice interior design and decorations, amazing DJs keeping the vibe going with the music with awesome beats, spacious and stylish dance floor you wanna dance all night long, well secured with amazing security personnel with the bouncers always roving to make sure that the party runs smoothly until morning hours and they’re more than willing to help everyone including finding taxi, great sound and lighting system, friendly budget and party venue. 

This is a super fun and unpretentious place. If you want to have a fun -filled experience, this is a good place! While here you definitely feel like a VIP when you haven’t reserved for the same. Such a good place during weekends to escape from everything and join beautiful people enjoying themselves to fullest. Party! Party! Party! Until 6am in the morning. See you there!

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