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FAC251 – Factory Manchester, Guide & Review

One of the most popular night clubs in Manchester city, FAC251- The Factory, is a club spread over three floors, with plenty of rooms that all offer a different experience to the visitors. The club is open for four days a week, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all of which are packed with a range of events to keep you entertained.

The music played at the club includes everything from indie and pop to house and rock and roll. For those who want something new, there are regular live band shows as well. No matter how you like to party, you are bound to find something fun at FAC251.

A popular night club in the city of Manchester, FAC251 – The Factory was reopened with this new name in 2010 and has since become one of the favourite spots for locals and tourists to go clubbing. The club covers three floors and has various, spacious rooms that are dimly lit and large enough so that a considerable number of people can dance their heart out with ease. However, it is definitely not a super club; the way it is set out makes the space quite intimate. Each floor and each room offers a different experience, so you have plenty of options to decide how you want to have fun.
The club is open four days a week, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The whole time that the club is open it is packed with different events with all kinds of music, everything from pop, indie, rock and roll to house, funk and dub music is played to keep the people on their feet. There are regular live shows as well to give the audience something new and exciting.
FAC251 is especially popular with the younger crowd, particularly students, due to its nice, welcoming atmosphere and regular offers. Make sure you arrive at the club early enough to avoid the long wait you’ll have to suffer through otherwise.

Fac251 Manchester Dress Code Guide

Want to end spending boring nights at home? Love to groove to electrifying music, explore various options, and forget all the worries of the world with delicious foods and drinks? Well, in that case, you must visit this place at least once in your life. It’s called Fac251 Factory.

This nightclub has three floors with dimly lit spacious rooms. Each room has a different theme where you can do loads of things. The rooms are large enough to accommodate a huge number of people. So if you visit this place, you can dance with full energy without bumping into each other.

Reopened in 2010, Fac251 is extremely popular with locals, tourists, and young crowd. Students are regular visitors to this nightclub. The nightclub is extremely crowded during the weekends. If you wish to visit the nightclub on Saturday, then it’s better to make reservations in advance or arrive early. Otherwise, be ready to wait for a long time outside the nightclub.

Here is a complete guideline on the dress code.

Fac251 Factory Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

Wear good lingerie first because that would help to give you a proper look. Wear a cropped top with skinny jeans. If it’s torn at your knee, it’s even better. Keep your hair open and let it move freely. Apply a bright red MAC lipstick on your lips, and you’re ready to rock the party. For an extra edge, wear a blue denim jacket over your top.

If you want to make a statement, then wear skimpy clothes to show a good amount of skin. Vibrant sportswear with a ponytail is enough to make people understand that you’re going to a fancy dress party.

Ditch the heels for the party. Yes. You read it right. Everything is different in this nightclub. Nobody wants to view your immaculate look here. So smudge your eyeliner and wear your Adidas superstars.

Fac251 Factory Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

The dress code is cool for guys. A decent t-shirt and jeans are enough to enter the party. This might not get the attention of 85% of girls, but you’ll pass.

If you want to get the boy next door look, wear a tropical tee with the best Nike Airs. You can even wear a bandana to look completely different from others.

Do you want to look, cool dude? Well, in that case, wear a round neck t-shirt with an open shirt over it. Dark denim would go very well with all the shirts and t-shirts. So without giving any further thought, take out your best denim from your wardrobe now.

Our Suggestions

The best part of Fac251 Factory nightclub is that you can experiment with the most outrageous outfits here. Sure, your attire may not attract eyeballs, but at least you won’t be denied entry in the nightclub. So go ahead and spend a hilarious Saturday night at Fac251 Factory nightclub. I’m sure you will come out of the nightclub with too many happy memories in your mind.

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Turned away for wearing cargo trousers

Rated 1 out of 5
September 5, 2021

Waited in line for ages to be turned away for wearing cargo trousers, there is no word of cargo shorts not being allowed in the dress code.ridiculous


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