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Fifty Club Kiev, Guide & Review

Looking for the best nightclub in Kiev , Ukraine, then Fifty is the Club to go. Hip-Hop & R’n’B Night club in Kiev, Ukraine. The atmosphere, music, style, top artists, the hottest parties in the city – all this is FIFTY. This is hands down one of the best nightclubs in Kiev. The music is amazing and if you love the genre hip-hop/rap, then this is the place for you. Everything and everyone is so stylish here, the atmosphere/vibes are amazing, and the people are just sooo wonderful. If you’re ever in Kiev Fifty nightclubs is recommendable 200% .

This club offers a favorable experience of Kyiv nightlife. The music is not overwhelmingly loud, and the crowd is generally young and enthusiastic. If you’re a tourist in Kiev, you need to come to this place and you will have fun. Waiters are really so kind, talented and friendly. Prices are just a little bit higher, but it is worth it for that club. The music is definitely the best ( r&b and hip-hop ) and the vibes are way better than the other clubs out there. It’s definitely for foreigners and hip-hop lovers since they play many English songs there.

Fifty is fire, the best atmosphere in Europe. Classic Hip Hop tunes and the service was unbelievable. The location is beautiful. Employees speak English. Prices are not too expensive. But the waiters are very good at pinball. If they invite you to play, don’t get up. Fifty is not just a nightclub. Fifty is a place where friends gather and everyone always knows everyone. Hip-Hop is in our blood, and R’n’B is the music we grew up on. We value style and love music. Every night we give people emotions and the best mood, that’s why every night at FIFTY is special. Be with us, be in the Fifty family.

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