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Berlin has always remained the top choice for the LBTQ community. It offers a safe environment for those that are special and encourages diversity. The people here are open-minded and have a tolerant attitude. Multiple LGBT/Gay clubs are available in the city where the guests can freely mingle, dance to the beat of different genres and let their true selves out. No need to worry about people criticizing or judging you.Drag performancesare the highlight of Berlin’s queer culture, and we highly recommended them. Interested? Then take a look at our list of Berlin’s finest Gay and LGBT clubs.

1. Die Busche Berlin

Die Busche Berlin

If you are interested in attending LGBT dance parties in Berlin, you need to take a look at Die Busche. It provides the best opportunity for people who are interested in LGBT lifestyle to get along with like-minded individuals. Therefore, you can receive a perfect time at Die Busche as well. The nightclub is popular for disco charts, club anthems, 80s music and 90s music as well.

2. SchwuZ Berlin

SchwuZ Berlin

SchwuZ is another popular gay nightclub that you can find within Berlin. The outstanding series of events presented to the guests have contributed lot towards the popularity of this club. If you are looking forward to experience the gay night life that exist in Berlin, SchwuZ is a place that you must visit. It is a tamer place to visit as well. SchwuZ was in a cozy location but it was recently relocated with the objective of providing a better experience to the guests. You will be able to find plenty of space in the new location, where you can enjoy your time with like-minded individuals. There is a perfect vibe inside this club to celebrate the gay nightlife in Berlin as well.

3. SO36 Berlin

SO36 Berlin

SO36 is a popular nightclub based in Berlin. This is one of the oldest nightclubs that you can find in SO36 as well. This is another prominent reason behind the popularity of the club. Back in the past, a lot of people have visited SO36. SO refers to the South Eastern Region of Berlin. Now you have a clear understanding behind how the name of this nightclub came into play SO36 is well-known as a venue that offers punk music to the guests. It has been one of the most popular music genres in Berlin from the 1970s.

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In Conclusion

The LGBT clubs in Berlin have an open atmosphere and welcome people from all walks of life. They provide excellent service, a wide variety of drinking options, cosy seating and spectacular performances;however, in exchange, you have to respect other people’s sexuality.Any kind of rude behaviour will lead to expulsion from the venue. So, if you are looking for LGBTspecific places or are simply interested in exploring the queer world, we suggest visiting one of our recommended nightclubs. Just don’t forget your dancing shoes and get ready to dance the night away.We guarantee you won’t be disappointed

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