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Gladstone Lounge Ottawa, Guide & Review

Hookah bar in Ottawa, Canada. Very hip place! Flashy Colourful light everywhere, even the hookah has glow sticks in the water, Gladstone attracts more young crowds. Gladstone Lounge is pretty fantastic with great food and service. Since 2011, the bar have prided itself in providing the best tasting, 100% authentic Fumari, Al-Fakher and Starbuzz shishas for all the guests.

Gladstone Lounge is a very hip place and flashy Colourful light everywhere and a chill atmosphere. They have tea, barbican and good shisha and the servers are friendly and committed. The décor is hipster / artsy, the drink menu looks good and food is very tasty with the menu having a great mix of interesting plates and usual favourites you might expect. The Gladstone Lounge has an excellent selection of beer. The environment here is very nice and the couches are comfortable and thus a classy place to have a great time. The shisha selection is so diverse and different from any place in the city. You can enjoy the whole night with great music and tea. Servers were polite and will definitely give you a comfy and on top of this check on you regularly.

Original and authentic flavors and it is beautiful and appealing to the eye. Gladstone is very clean and this makes you feel at home. The place has nice people and the music is very breathtaking. The owner Sharmarke is very nice, friendly and he hires one of the best servers to attend to customers. The DJs here make the place very fantastic and fun by producing very amazing music. Gladstone is Vancouver’s hottest new nightclub. It provides premier shisha lounge and has most authentic hookahs from brands such as Al Fakher and Starbuzz and Fumari. In case you are interested in private sessions email Gladstone Lounge via:

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