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Heaven London, Guide & Review

One of the most exciting places to be in London, Heaven never has two similar nights in a row. Every single night is unique, filled with quirky new ideas and people, and a lot of fun and excitement!

This is the ultimate guide to Heaven nightclub in London. Here, you will find out everything you need to know about the dress code policy, the directions to the club, the drinks you will get here, what kind of music to expect, and everything else in between.

Straight or gay, everyone is welcome to this massive nightclub venue in London. Of course, if you do happen to be gay, remember to dress your best as you might really enjoy a night in ‘Heaven’ at this club!

Dress Code and Age Requirement for Heaven

The typical age requirement for Heaven is strictly 18 years and above only. Having a valid ID proof is the only way you will be allowed inside the club. Without this, you will be denied entry right from the door, so be sure to carry a proper ID proof with you at all times.

The live shows here are open to those above the age of 14, however, they must be accompanied by an adult (18 years old and above). Even if the minor is accompanied by an adult, if the adult does not have a valid ID proof, they will not be allowed into the club. Heaven has a very strict door policy. Without a proper ID proof, the ‘gates of heaven’ will definitely be shut for you!

As for the dress code of Heaven, there is no such dress code rule which is reinforced here. However, the club holds every right to deny entry to those who they do not feel are fit for this club. Wearing high heels to the club is completely prohibited, for the safety of the wearers. Heaven has a lot of stairs, and there is a good risk of accidents for those who come in high heels.

Put on a fancy top, jeans, shorts, trousers, skirt or a dress. Everything goes. However, avoid dressing too casual, as you would just feel out of place amongst the glam divas (men and women) that show up here at Heaven. You should also avoid wearing trainers, sports attire, and hoodies.

Weekly Schedule at Heaven

The club opens its doors every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.

Popcorn Mondays at Heaven are one of the biggest and busiest nights in the UK, featuring some of the best R&B music, amazing DJ’s performances and super excited crowds partying all night long.

Porn Idol Thursdays at Heaven, Camp Attack Fridays and Saturdays are of course reserved for the proper club nights at Heaven. Each night brings along with it new faces, new DJ’s, new music, and a completely eccentric atmosphere at Heaven.

Be sure to check out the Facebook pages as well as the official website for Heaven to know all about these events. You can find out what you need to wear, what kind of music to expect, and how much you would have to pay for these nights right here on these events pages. For any other information, you can always contact the club to know all about it.


Heaven has a very eclectic music taste; with something there for everyone. Spread out over two floors and four rooms, Heaven has a lot going on in just one night. You can enjoy different kinds of music in every single room here at Heaven. If you are adventurous enough, visit all the different rooms to enjoy the vibes of each room independently, or choose a room which you love the most and spend the night partying there with your gang.

Average Line and Guest Lists

Even though Heaven has an 1800 people capacity, on most nights, especially on weekends, you will find the club completely filled up to its brim. This obviously means that you can expect a long wait outside the club if you wish to get in.  Try and get there before 11 pm so that you can avoid these large crowds and get in first because as the clock strikes 1 am, the club gets so crowded, you might not even be able to get in.

You can expect to pay anywhere in between 3 to 10 pounds to enter. Of course, if you enter before 10 pm (if you are a student of a member or G-A-Y), you can even get in for free! The last entry for Heaven is strictly 3 am, after which you will not be allowed to enter.

Get your names on the Guest List for Heaven to enjoy cheaper entry rates, and of course, skip the long lines altogether!

VIP Tables and Bottle Service at Heaven

The VIP area at Heaven is super sexy, and if you can afford it, definitely not worth missing out on. Get a table for you and your gang and enjoy some of the most memorable nights of your life with the VIP tables and Bottle service at Heaven. The line for getting drinks at the bar can get pretty long; with the extreme crowds and amazing drinks here. So it would be best to get a table and opt for bottle service for a more relaxed night here.

Drink prices

The drink prices at Heaven can be slightly on the higher side; a single spirit costing you around 3.50 pounds and a double spirit being 5.50 pounds. However, it is totally worth it, since the ambience at Heaven will lure you to drink up and enjoy a great, wild night.

Our recommendations

Heaven has a very strict door policy; no hen and stag parties will be allowed here. If you do come with a large group, ensure that you break up the group when you enter, and enter with a few gay men in your group.

Try and come before 10 pm if you want to avoid the long waits in line and the club getting overcrowded.

Well, that’s about all you need to know to enjoy your night in Heaven!

Heaven London Dress Code Guide

If a night in Heaven is just what you are looking for, head on over to Heaven nightclub in London to get an experience of your lifetime. This gay nightclub in London is well known for its great atmospheric vibe and fun and friendly crowds.

If you want to get into Heaven nightclub, then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here is the dress code guide for Heaven nightclub:

Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Heaven actually has no dress code as such; however, there are a few friendly pieces of advice that could really help you for when you wish to enjoy a night out at Heaven.

The nightclub has a lot of stairs, so while you might be tempted to wear your high heels to this club, it is probably best to avoid it. Instead, opt for more comfortable shoes or even smaller heels if you wish to. There is a lot of risks involved with wearing high heels to this club, so avoid them altogether.

As for your clothes, go all out! Being a gay nightclub, you can definitely experiment with a lot of different styles of clothing here. Whether you want to opt for a dress, jeans and a top, cute crop tops, miniskirts, or some really quirky uniform, go for it! Everything is appreciated here at Heaven, and you can expect quite a lot of eyes on you at this club.

As for your hair, well, wear it however you wish to. There is no such rule as to how you should keep your hair here. If you are one of those ladies who can rock a killer Mohawk, a buzz cut, layered or step hairstyles, wild colors, or even glitter hair, you are free to try them all out!

Tattoos are accepted here at Heaven, so if you have a few pieces of body art that you want to show off, go right ahead!

Heaven London

Dress Code Guide for the Gents

A really big attraction amongst gay men in London, you have a high chance of finding your perfect match made in ‘Heaven’ here! Of course, don’t forget to dress to impress!

While there is no dress code here, most men do not opt for a very casual club outfit here. Being at Heaven is all about enjoying the night, getting lots of attention and looking your best.

If you wish to wear collared shirts, trousers, t-shirts or even a fancy pair of designer shorts, you are free to do so!

Own a fancy pair of sneakers? This is the perfect place to show it off!

When it comes to your hair, well, put it up in a man-bun, color it, or cut it right off! Whatever you wish to show off, you are welcome to, here, at Heaven.

If you have one or even a few pieces of beautiful or even kinky tattoos, don’t forget to show them off at Heaven nightclub!

Our suggestions

Avoid wearing trainers, sportswear and hoodies. Other than that, you are free to experiment as you wish to!

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Bias against northerners turned away after queuing

Rated 1 out of 5
March 13, 2022

In London for the weekend & got turned away- no reason given. Can only think it’s because we are from the north?


It’s now a kids party

Rated 1 out of 5
November 25, 2021

Not the club we used to know gay I don’t think so more anything fits way to many girls with thee boyfriends. Another icon lost

Fat tony

Wristband entry?

Rated 1 out of 5
November 14, 2021

We are a couple and queued up, at about 2.30am. when getting the door were asked when we last went heaven, then asked if we had a wristband… apparently one is needed for entry, but nothing on the website about it- didn’t make sense as our friends were already in the club and had no wristbands. I think they were just full- but wouldn’t it just be easier to say that??


Best Gay night club In london!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 25, 2021

Iv been to heaven 3 times now and had literally the best night out ever! I’m from Essex, used to live in London, and night clubs are my favourite thing to let my hair down. Heaven is 1 of the best night clubs that you feel safe in were everyone their just wants to have the best time! Everyone is friendly, and will smile at you always someone looking out for you. Iv told all my friends about it and when I took them their, they had an amazing time and can’t wate to return and have a blast night! So I rate this night Club 5 stair. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Chloe Rose

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