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If Hip Hop is your kind of music, then let Calgary serve you. This lively city boasts the best hip-hop clubs in Canada. This vast musical genre is the choice of many people worldwide, and if you are not one of them, you need to give it a try. The following mentioned amazing hip hop nightspots in the heart of Calgary can make you fall in love with this musical genre. Besides music, these high-end clubs feature a refreshing environment, chill bars, friendly staff, and some of them also offer an eatery to keep you pumped up till early hours.

1. Music Calgary

Music is a nightclub in Calgary that specializes in creating the perfect night out for partygoers. This club is the perfect place to hosts birthdays and special celebrations. Furthermore, the club also has various themed nights throughout the week. These include Culture Fridays that play Caribbean music, Obsession Latin Saturdays that play Latin music, and lastly, Hip hop and Party anthems on Sundays. In addition, the club remains open from Fridays to Sundays from 9:30 to 2 am, making this the perfect place to party and dance the night away to the music of your liking. Lastly, the club also has a large dance floor, bar and a VIP guest list for those looking to party in style.

2. The Ace Nightclub Calgary

Night Club in Calgary, Canada. Friendly bouncers and girls are definitely fantastic and most attractive. Very clean bathrooms exhibit themselves that make everyone feel at home. Located in the heart of the stylish King West district, Ace is Toronto’s newest upscale and sophisticated nightlife destination. Catered to the city’s trendy and elite, Ace features lavish VIP booths, fashionable décor and expert mixologists on staff ready to enhance your night out. The club itself is on the top penthouse floor of the Metropolis Satellite Center. It has a bar and a dance floor, as well as general seating and on occasions functions as a sophisticated restaurant. It is decorated with a futuristic theme with purple and silver. The main access is through an elevator, which connects directly into the Ace of Clubs.

3. Habitat Living Sound Calgary

Habitat is the newest addition to Calgary’s fashion district. This club is open from Thursdays to Saturdays and is open from 9 pm to the late hours of the morning. The owners of this club have over 75 years of experience in the music industry. Moreover, this club mainly plays techno and house tracks. Come on over if you are looking to party the night away with tunes that will get you dancing. In addition, the club also plays live electronic performances to showcase the local talent of Calgary on a popular platform. Furthermore, the club has a large dancefloor and an adjacent bar that provides customers with tasty yet affordable drinks all night long.

In Conclusion

Been to Calgary but not to these venues? It doesn’t make sense! If you want to experience the chilling vibe of Calgary, then you need to witness its elegant nightlife. Music, The Ace Nightclub, and Habitat Living Sound, as mentioned above, are the finest Hip Hop clubs in Calgary that have been the center of this town’s night flow for ages!

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