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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Ghent. (More in-depth further below)


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Ghent is a beautiful city at night, lit up like fireworks, it’s the perfect time to take a stroll and breathe in the nightlife.Club 69 brings people and music together in a lively setting.Get carried away by the most fantastic tunes,Club Central Large salsa bar with a cocktail bar, lounge bar and impressive medieval dance basement,Kompass Klub is a place where egos are left in the cloakroom and music brings people closer together,A.M. Club a well hidden jazz bar with a southern feel and a small indoor terrace ,Bar des Amis has two floors, two bars, double the fun and the longest bar in Ghent!Kinky Star home base of Ghent’s Kinky Star record label. There are also DJs,Abacho 2K18 – Silent Disco in this club, you are given a pair of headphones when you arrive, Charlatan House of PerditionMusic and graffiti lovers are served hand and foot. Practically all walls are beautifully decorated with graffiti artworks,Gomez start the evening here with an aperitif, enjoy little dishes and let the night unfold around you,De Roerkuip an eclectic music and dance café with an elevated dance hall, where you can enjoy a quiet chat or a great party.

1. Kompass


Super dark rave club and nightclub in Ghent, Belgium. Kompass club is a place where egos are left in the cloakroom and music brings people closer together. Kompass club consists of three rooms with a combined capacity of around 1,500 partygoers. A unique musical experience at Kompass club shows the intensity hidden in the word ‘Rave’. Kompass club hosts concerts for a wide range of genres from artists.

2. Club 69

Club 69

With a rich cultural heritage going back to 1999, Club 69 has embarrassed and empowered the ghent and Belgium nightlife scene. Club 69’s Mission is Bringing together the best crowd and the best music in a stunning setting. The interior brings a brilliant and warm engulfing sound system. Expect to bump into a passionate, friendly off-the-wall crowd, where skyscraper heels share the dancefloor with Converse trainers, but where everyone is on the same musical page. With Club 69 avant-garde approach and musical mix led to different cultures and niches uniting thus becoming more than a club. Club 69 ground floor is Basecamp to Carter for the club’s cozy discotheque.

3. A.M. Club

A.M. Club

Great Club in the city. A.M Club is a Dance Club and a nightclub. It’s your 80’s club. New club in the centre of Gent, Belgium. These initials do not only refer to early party hours and the names of owners, but also to Arctic Monkeys.

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