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The best night life can be found in Ghent. The thousands of students, lively atmosphere and cool music scene make Ghent the ideal destination for a night out. At the Oude Beestenmarkt, you will be tripping over trendy places to go. De Vlasmarkt is a meeting place for real night owls.

VIP venues in Ghent features an amazing upscale venues with different stages, diverse crowd, always helpful and with a smile from the managers to security to bartenders and waiters, nice music featuring a mixture of classic hits, modern popular music and some more alternative styles such as techno from amazing DJs, VIP sections that exhibit a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, airy cocktail lounge, stunning cocktails lounges, VIP personalized bottle service, and fully stocked bars with a good range of local wines and let’s not forget about the gin and tonic, which with the help of the super friendly staff you can customize according to your taste!

1. Club 69 Ghent

With a rich cultural heritage going back to 1999, Club 69 has embarrassed and empowered the ghent and Belgium nightlife scene. Club 69’s Mission is Bringing together the best crowd and the best music in a stunning setting. The interior brings a brilliant and warm engulfing sound system. Expect to bump into a passionate, friendly off-the-wall crowd, where skyscraper heels share the dancefloor with Converse trainers, but where everyone is on the same musical page. With Club 69 avant-garde approach and musical mix led to different cultures and niches uniting thus becoming more than a club. Club 69 ground floor is Basecamp to Carter for the club’s cozy discotheque.

2. Klub XIII Ghent

Exclusive Champagne Club. Nice club with nice music from DJs, lovely atmosphere, best music ever, splendid service and cosy setting. All ingredients for what we call amazingness. The only thing that is missing is you. At Klub XIII you will encounter ultra deluxe entertainment, custom champagne from Ace of spade wine-yard, allowing you to fully experience a night out with models and bottles.

3. Kompass Ghent

Super dark rave club and nightclub in Ghent, Belgium. Kompass club is a place where egos are left in the cloakroom and music brings people closer together. Kompass club consists of three rooms with a combined capacity of around 1,500 partygoers. A unique musical experience at Kompass club shows the intensity hidden in the word ‘Rave’. Kompass club hosts concerts for a wide range of genres from artists.


The changing menu revolves around the seasons, and apart from the spirits, a lot of the ingredients come straight from local farms. VIP venues in Ghent feature gorgeous settings offering stunning luxury for VIP guests.

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