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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Marseille. (More in-depth further below)


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All the hip-hop loves in the city tighten your belts because we have dug deep to bring you a list of seductive hip-hop clubs to choose from for a wild night out. Hip hop os type of crazy music best suitable for the time when one just want

S to go crazy and forget the rest of the world. If you want to enjoy this moment and keep it in your memory forever, you must take a look at the lost below and at least try one from them!

1. Bounce club Marseille

Bounce club Marseille

If you are a fan of Hip-Hop, parties until early hours, great atmosphere then Bounce Club, Marseille is definitely for you. This exclusive place is located in the heart of Marseille on the Old Port, 35 Cours Honoré in Estienne d’Orves, 13001 to be specific. Bounce Club is an ephemeral club, that opens in the middle of summer and it will surely give you 100% music experience. Nightclub is most active in months June and July, hosting some of the best parties that bring local and international stars in an evening that puts this club on the map of Hip-Hop all around the world.

2. Baby Club Marseille

Baby Club Marseille

Baby Club is a nightclub located in the bohemian neighborhood of La Plaine in 2 Rue André Poggioli, Marseille. You will easily find it by its garish zebra-striped exterior in the heart of an alternative district of Marseille, once you get in you will have a chance to listen to the latest and greatest French and European house and techno DJs. Club is founded in 2010, throughout years of its existence this venue has become a go to place in the small milieu of electronic music Marseille. Thanks to highest quality programming that mixes both local and international artists, Baby recently received the honors of the national specialized press. If that isn’t enough for you Baby Club is statistically one of the most reserved bars in Marseille in 2016.

3. Chez Pablo Dealer de Bonheur Marseille

Chez Pablo Dealer de Bonheur Marseille

Chez Pablo Dealer de Bonheur is a nightclub situated at 23, Rue Saint-Saëns. Dealer de Bonheur in English language means Dealer of Happiness and this place is truly a place of life, happiness, love and sharing. It is created by La Brigade Mondaine and in a short time it became a place essential of the Marseilles nightlife. Nightclub is located in the city center, it opened a few months ago and it offers not one, not two but three bars, two large open spaces and a capacity to accommodate up to 800 people at once. Chez Pablo Dealer de Bonheur is decorated nicely, it features refined leaves decoration that gives special atmosphere to the place. They feature two DJs, DJ David Hopperman and Andyman that will make your night special. Nightclub occasionally organizes showcases, their programming and ticketing as well as events is best to be found on their Facebook Page.

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In Conclusion

Mentioned clubs will surely satisfy your need for the music you want to hear on the night out with your friends or your partner. Buckle up and wear and some comfortable boots because these clubs are going to do magic with hip-hop tunes; you may not be able to resist dancing crazily. Good Luck!

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