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Ottawa, a beautiful capital of Canada, is known worldwide for its unique music festivals, nature, and famous historical sites. It attracts tourists of different cultural backgrounds and if you are one of them you need to be familiar with its elegant nightlife. Been to Ottawa but not to its lively clubs? You are missing out on a big part. What better place to witness high spirited music and pumping crowd of Canada than at hip hop clubs of Ottawa? Besides music, Ottawa is all about the delicious and finger-licking eatery. Most of the clubs serve food with drinks and performances. Keep reading for more details and experience the beauty of Canada’s culture through its energetic night flow!

1. Babylon Ottawa

Babylon Ottawa

If you are looking to attend rock concerts at cheap prices, then look no further. Babylon is the perfect place to spend your weekend partying at. In addition, the club also has various music-themed nights, such as Dance parties Thursday, which play house music. Another example 90s music Fridays, that play top music only from the 90s. Furthermore, the club also hosts various guest DJs to host different nights, thus keeping the crowd constantly on their feet. Moreover, the club does have an entrance fee, but it is quite affordable and depends on the time you enter the club, for example, if you reach before midnight, the fee will be half of what it is after midnight. Therefore, plan your night in advance and get ready to rock out to some great songs.

2. Mercury Lounge Ottawa

Mercury Lounge Ottawa

Mercury Lounge is one of the very few nightclubs in Ottawa that has not one, but two dance floors. Furthermore, even the music playing on one dance floor is different from the second one. In addition, the club also hosts a variety of famous DJs, and even host film screenings. This makes it the ultimate place to spend your nights at. The type of music playing in this club consists of jazz, house and even live music. Moreover, on nights when DJs host, the music changes from time to time, and all types of genres are played, including disco, Latin, funk, soul, hip hop, reggae and many more. Lastly, the timings of this club are from 10 pm to 2:30 am.

3. Green Room Ottawa

Green Room Ottawa

The Green Room is a carbon-neutral club located in the city of Ottawa. As the name suggests, this club is filled with the color green, be it the lights, the interior or even the glasses you drink from. Furthermore, the club also hosts a variety of themed nights, one of them being bucket life Fridays, that acts as a challenge for customers. Customers must purchase the bucket and post a picture with it to win rewards. Furthermore, the music playing in this club consists of hip hop, RnB, and dancehall. In addition, the club also hosts famous DJs to ensure the party keeps going all night long. The club remains open from Friday to Sunday from 10:30 pm to 2 am. Lastly, the drinks in this club are happily affordable.

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In Conclusion

If you are looking for a fun night out, especially if you are a hip hop fan, this list is it. These clubs mentioned above, namely Babylon, Mercury Lounge, and Green Room, are top Hip Hop clubs you can find in Ottawa. So, get yourself geared up for an unforgettable night of your life! Cheers!

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