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Are you looking for a hip-hop nightclub in Pattaya to have an awesome experience as a hip-hop music lover? Pattaya city is home to an amazing, truly vibrant, open and friendly hip-hop music venue that is renowned for meeting diverse hip-hop music fans.  

Hip-hop clubs in Pattaya are amazingly beautiful venues with comfortable couches, hosts popular DJs and artists regularly, all staff are very kind including security, variety of tasty and legit local to international drinks that are not overpriced, delicious handcrafted cocktails, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, awesome live concerts and performances, attentive and polite staff with amazing service, great ambience which makes you wanna stay forever, stunningly beautiful interior breathtaking beats from hip-hop music resulting to awesome dancing moves all through the night in a spacious and stylish dance floors with sexy dancers too.

1. CLUB 555 Pattaya

CLUB 555 Pattaya

Looking for that small amazing alley club where you can wine on fun night, club 555 is the place to go in Pattaya.Club 555 Pattaya is a small, indeed very small, Gentlemen’s Club style bar located on Soi Asia Backpackers, off Soi Buakhao in Pattaya Thailand. What it lacks in size it makes up for in popularity.

2. BONE BaoBao Toeic HCM Pattaya

BONE BaoBao Toeic HCM Pattaya

The best club experience in Pattaya, Thailand and beyond experience top sound systems in the world. Experience the gigantic LED stage screen and one of the biggest and more advanced 4D LED chandeliers, and experience world renowned DJs and entertainers.

3. Jannaat Club Pattaya

Jannaat Club Pattaya

Be ready with your drinks and ready to party. Best lounge and bar in Pattaya, Thailand. Jannaat Club is open 7 days a week from 11am to 11:30pm.

4. Kamaa Club Pattaya

Kamaa Club Pattaya

There is simply no better place to party. Kamaa Club is a nightclub in Pattaya, Thailand. Nice bar with awesome Indian music and you will definitely have the best time to enjoy the drinks and have a blast dancing. The club redefines nightlife in Pattaya by combining leading DJs, state of art sound and lighting, and the most talented exotic entertainment in the industry to create a sultry high-energy nightlife experience.

5. Lighthouse A Gogo Pattaya

Lighthouse A Gogo Pattaya

At Pattaya, Thailand and you are in search of an awesome night out venue, then Lighthouse A Gogo nightclub is the place to be. The Lighthouse A Gogo club is set on two levels with a glass ceiling allowing you to have an awesome view of dancers upstairs. On the ground floor there is a narrow dance floor that holds around 18 dancers and it’s surrounded by comfortable tiered beach seats. It’s a strip club and on a busy night lighthouse has 50 dancers. For those looking to miss innocent or those who are secretly looking for a girlfriend here is the place to be.

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In Conclusion

Definitely Pattaya city exhibits the hottest and entertaining hip-hop clubs to dance to great music, and experience great bar service. Be assured that the tastes of Pattaya hip-hop music venues will remain in your memory for a long time. All in all, it’s a good place to spend your night. Everything is top-notch in Pattaya’s hip-hop clubs. Don’t wait to be told, head there and see for yourself! 

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