Pattaya Nightlife • A Complete Guide

You’ll find a rich nightlife scene in Pattaya. Incredible amounts of tourists visit this town year round and Pattaya has come up with a unique spectrum of venues to cater to all styles of night out.

This guide will help you pick and choose where you want to spend your perfect night out. Enjoy!

Pattaya is a beautiful resort city in Thailand. It is on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 100 kilometers southeast of Pattaya, within, but not part of, Bang Lamung District in the province of Chonburi. Pattaya is at the center of the Pattaya Chonburi Metropolitan Area a conurbation in Chonburi Province with a population of roughly a million.

Pattaya has derived part of its reputation as a tourist destination due to its widely grown-up sex industry and the resulting vibrant and vivid nightlife, and this notoriety has influenced the city’s evolution in many ways. The city is surrounded by vast numbers of host bars, gogo bars, massage parlors, saunas, and hourly hotels, serve foreign tourists as well as locals. This is especially prominent on Walking Street as well as other areas around the city.

Here we will provide all the necessary information related to nightlife features of Pattaya, including a comprehensive list of the best destinations to visit. You will find all the tools and necessary information here to organize your holidays in Pattaya in the most complete way to make your journey a beautiful experience.

The Nightlife of Pattaya

The nightlife of Pattaya completely deserves its global reputation. This is a hell of a place where people demand the ultimate fun and outing. There are other aspects of its reputation which it perhaps deserves less, but it cannot be denied that it is the place to go for a rollicking good time. Almost every part of the entire region has some form of nightlife, whether it’s naughty nightlife in gogo bars, live rock bands, international DJs, cabaret shows, pool parties, rooftop bars or just a quiet pint at your local away from home. There is a lot of variety to be found in and around the city, with radically-different kinds of venues found within a very short distance of each other, sometimes side-by-side on the same street.

Whether your here for just the weekend or an extended stay, experiencing the city’s nightlife is a must for any visitor. Although it has a reputation for the girly bars and go-gos, this is now only a small proportion of what the city has to offer. Whether you looking for cabaret shows, live music venues, world-class cuisine or expertly produced cocktails, you will surely find what you’re looking for:

Carbaret Show

Alcazar Cabaret Show in Pattaya is the most famous and entertaining show in Pattaya city, which is saying a lot given the amount of high-quality competition for such a title. It is presented by a 400-member team presents and lasts for around 70-minute encompassing extravaganza of glitzy and glamorous entertainment in the well-established theatre by Pattaya Second Road. The show was first opened in November 1981 with only a 350-seat theatre, but that was replaced in later on with the current whopping capacity of 1,200-seat theatre with state-of-the-art light and sound systems. The facilities and show itself are continually being updated and improved, making sure that the performance remains fresh and entertaining, dazzling audiences year after year.

Pattaya Walking Street

If you’re planning to come to Pattaya, you’ve more likely than not heard of this beautiful Walking Street. This half-kilometer beach-side street takes its name from the fact that it is closed to motorized traffic every night, at which point it immediately becomes thronged with party-going pedestrians. Almost every building on both sides of the road is a nightclub, bar or gogo bar of some description, with many of the surrounding small sois being much the same. Great nights out can be found from the so-called “Red Car Bar” – Gulliver’s Walking Street – at one end of the street to Mixx Discotheque at the other, with The Pier Disco Club, 808, Club Insomnia, Candyshop, Marine Disco, Play and Lucifer Disko amongst the best in between. On the racier side, Airport Club, Alcatraz, Baccara, Iron Club and X Zone are all highly-rated gogo bars amongst the very wide selection. Make sure to visit the walking street to grasp the true feel of Thai culture.

Planet Earth Beach Club

There are several places in Pattaya for beach parties, Planet Earth Beach Club comes the closest. The place boasts great dance music from resident and international guest DJs, huge sun loungers, designer swimwear on sale, a swimming pool, a foam machine, amazing drinks deals, and authentic Italian gelato. The big weekend parties attract the local high society and a young crowd of fun-loving Thais and tourists, including muscle-bound guys and bikini-clad girls. Jomtien Beach is also only just over the road to complete the beach party experience. Only open during the tourist season, the fun starts late in the morning and usually does end until early the next morning.

Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao is now widely known as the new Walking Street of Pattaya. Running all the way from Pattaya Klang to Pattaya South Road, the narrow road is somewhat more adult-friendly than its more famous predecessor the real Walking Street. It attracts an older audience, so has fewer high energy night clubs. Instead, it has more beer bars, ladyboy bars and go-go bars than anywhere else in the city. Notable off-shoots include Action Street where every single bar is a ladyboy bar and Soi LK Metro where the same can nearly be said about go-go bars, but there are also a few highly-regarded sports bars.

Thepprasit Night Market

Shopping at night is a truly immersive experience in Pattaya. Thepprasit Night Market is one of the most famous ones in Pattaya. Its a lively market with music, pop up cocktail bars and tonnes of street performers. There is an impressive collection of stalls, which sell everything from fake designer watches, dubious Chinese electronics, fake clothing brands to handbags and cosmetics. Not only is the market a riot of colors, but the aroma of delicious Thai cuisine will also fill your nostrils the moment you enter its periphery. There are around 80 stalls here selling noodles, barbecued meats, spicy salads, salted fish and other Asian delicacies. So even if you don’t intend to shop, just come for the lip smacking street food.

Best Bars in Pattaya

The huge number of bars in Pattaya is one of the first things that everyone notices. As you start talking pub crawl tours in the city you’ll realize how truly this city is a gem in Bars and nightclubs so much so that the bars are literally crammed to each other. Usually one of the first things that many people do after checking in to their hotel is to take a stroll and visit one of the many bars for a nice cold beer – and yes it can be exciting and truly amazing. The reason is that there are so many of them, and you never really know what to expect, or what kind of experience you will have. The beer bars are also a great inexpensive alternative to the go-go bars. You don’t find yourself in the hassle to look around impatiently for such amazing bars in Pattaya, that is why we have come up with the following list of best bars:

Horizon Bar

Situated on the 34th-floor rooftop of the stylish Hilton Pattaya Hotel, Horizon Bar is an especially appealing place for couples seeking romance and wanting to admire the beautiful horizon. The open-air bar has comfortable lounge chairs where you can relax underneath the stars while looking out over the twinkling city lights and sea. The DJ plays the hottest hits to get you in the party mood. Sip a signature cocktail or a glass of fine imported wine or beer and enjoy a refreshing change to the regular Pattaya night scene. To really finish your day in style, order a delectable dinner in Horizon Bar.

Baccara Agogo

Baccara Agogo is one of the liveliest, classiest, and most popular gogo bars along Pattaya’s Walking Street. Men and women are welcome to watch the dazzling dancers take to the stage to perform seductive, sultry, and sexy moves. There are many places around Pattaya where you can watch amazing pole and coyote dancing, but the two-level Baccara Agogo really knows how to shine. You can shimmy on the dancefloor too if you like, or simply order a drink and enjoy the show. Visit at happy hour for great promotions and savings.

Castro Show Bar

Extravagant, bold and larger than life, Castro Show Bar is one of Pattaya’s most exciting gay bars. Located close to Walking Street, down a soi (street) called Boyz Town, it has nightly stage shows and male coyote dancers. You can expect colorful feathers, sequins aplenty and much fun at the exuberant cabaret performances. Regular special events ramp up the enjoyment factor. Get your self ready for a night of dancing, drinking, flirting and plenty of glamour.

Craft Cottage

Craft Cottage Pattaya offers a European styled bar experience in the heart of Pattaya. The open bar has plenty of comfy seating where you can sit and unwind in a welcoming atmosphere. The music is quiet enough to let you talk to your mates, but loud enough to make you want to sing along to classic songs. Tuck into Western and Thai fare and enjoy choosing from the extensive drinks menu, which includes a large selection of craft beers. A top place to hang out, Craft Cottage Pattaya offers a welcome respite from Pattaya’s more energetic drinking establishments. As the night wears on if you do want somewhere to party you’re just steps from the buzzing Soi Diana and LK Metro


Alcatraz is a signature and famous go-go bar with a prison theme built in there and is perhaps the biggest go-go bar on all of Walking Street, which it is most famous for. With such a naughty theme you can expect lots of faux-prison cells and handcuffs. There are special deals on draft beer from around the midnight and a lounge upstairs which can be booked for parties, stag nights and the like.

Payot’s Lounge Bar

Payot’s Lounge Bar is a sophisticated drinking establishment within Pattaya’s Windy Inn Hotel. Owned by a French family, the bar specializes in tasty dishes from France and Italy. You’ll also find Thai favorites on the menu. The classy bar has indoor and outdoor seating with a relaxed ambiance. You’ll start to feel at ease as soon as you walk up the pathway, where lovely fairy lights twinkle seductively in the well-manicured bushes. Fresh and modern, this elegant bar is just steps from the high-octane energy of Walking Street.

Airport Club

Built much like a real airplane, this club has packed in as much as humanly possible into their available space and as such, it can become quite a squeeze, even uncomfortable if you sit around the central stage near the door. Being a gogo bar it attracts many tourists throughout the day and this what this bar is most famous for. Make sure to give it a try when you go down Walking Street.

Hard Rock Café

The Hard Rock brand is synonymous with classic rock tunes and belly-filling Tex-Mex food, and that’s exactly what you get at Hard Rock Café Pattaya. From the guitar-shaped sign that blinks overhead as you arrive, to the rock memorabilia on the walls and the keyboard styled bar, Hard Rock Café delivers an unmistakable slice of Americana to the heart of Pattaya Bay. In the daytime, there is a pool next to the café that day visitors are permitted to use for a fee, and at night, the café comes alive with the sounds of Asia’s premier rock cover bands. Located prominently on Beach Road, in between Soi 6 and 7, Hard Rock Café is centrally located and is unmissable thanks to the giant guitar head stretching out over the restaurant.

The Roof Skybar & Restaurant

The Roof Sky Bar & Restaurant Pattaya is a fun and lively place to chill out throughout the day and night. Found on top of the Siam@Siam Design Hotel, it has an eclectic modern style theme, outstanding views across Pattaya Beach and is the home of memorable pool parties and film nights. The open-air eatery covers two levels. On the 24th floor is the main restaurant part while the pool bar is up on the 25th. Both are colorful and creative additions to the more family-friendly nightlife of North Pattaya, as well as serving a fine collection of international dishes and inventive cocktails like the Ice Bomb and SOS Flambe.

FFlic Cliff & Pool Club

FFlic Cliff & Pool Club is the realization of the increasingly popular parallel between Ibiza and Pattaya. Both are coastal party towns where the nightlife is world-renowned. Both also enjoy hot weather for much of the year, making a pool party a great way to keep cool while being cool. As a custom-made venue for just that purpose, FFlic Club is the best in town.

Sunset Lounge

Set on the 6th floor of Hotel Baraquda, the Sunset Lounge is not the highest rooftop bar in Pattaya, but it sure is one of the most stylish and relaxing one. And despite not being sky-high, the terrace still comes with fantastic views over the ocean and Pattaya Bay, extra amazing (of course) just around sunset. The quite small but exclusive terrace where you can enjoy an extensive selection of signature cocktails, an international wine list and a Tapas style menu for the hungry ones.

Ruffino Restaurant & Lounge

A fine dining, pool-side Italian restaurant and lounge bar, perched on top of Centara Grand and offering fantastic views over the Gulf of Thailand. The restaurant and rooftop bar is very stylish and modern in setting and offers seat both inside and out on the terrace. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes inspired by home-style Italian flavors, along with a nice selection of wines and refreshing cocktails. Expect charming and pleasant vibes.

Le Vela

Le Vela Rooftop Bar, perched on top of U Pattaya in Na Jomtien, is the go-to spot for a romantic rooftop experience in Pattaya. Rustic, stylish and modern, this rooftop terrace is not that high in altitude, but with nice water feature settings and comfy bean bags, it is truly a place to relax and feel at one with the amazing ocean views. The rooftop bar offers a variety of delicious snacks, beverages, and refreshing cocktails, along with friendly service.

Best Bar Restaurants in Pattaya

The amazing range and variety offered by a restaurant are truly unbelieving. The selection includes an abundance of national cuisines and a full spectrum of prices. You can find Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Middle Eastern, Indian, French, Italian, German, and many more categories, with the authentic ingredients, sublime preparations and unbelievable value to be found. The settings of these Pattaya restaurants are equally varied and unique. Eat like a local from the vendors on the street or enjoy the breath-taking beach views from the highest floors of the city’s tallest buildings; taste the freshest seafood, caught by local fishing communities, right on the beach or savor sumptuous surroundings in the finest dining rooms. There’s so much variety that you will be spoilt for choice.

When you are out having cocktails in Pattaya, chances are pretty high that at some point you’re going to want to eat. The best thing to do is to pick a bar that also serves food. That way you’ll never even have to leave your bar stool whenever hunger gets you. Therefore, to fulfill your desire, we’ve got you covered with a list of Pattaya’s bar foods good enough to eat even if you’re missing an incisor:

Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar, Royal Cliff

This place has a dimly-lit, hushed atmosphere of the Royal Grill Room & Wine Cellar gives it an air of exclusivity and seriousness. This is your everyday restaurant where food is eaten and beverages are drunk, but where tender steaks, lovingly-prepared, are enjoyed while fine wines from an extraordinary selection are savored. It is the sort of place you would be embarrassed to order a beer with your well-done steak. Continuing the mentality of the hotel it is a part of, it is a place where quality is the paramount consideration. All in all, a great option to spend your night on.

The Glass House

The Glass House

Specializing in seafood and splendid sunsets, The Glass House’s out-of-town seclusion gives it an exclusive, romantic and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you are enjoying the sea breeze in the shade of pine trees on the terrace or taking in the view from the eponymous air-conditioned glass house, you can enjoy over 170 Thai and western dishes, including some of the best seafood in Pattaya. Relax with after-dinner drinks in comfy sofas, serenaded by the clear water lapping at the sandy shore just meters away. All in all, the glasshouse in your complete answer to a night out!

Mata Hari

An exquisite fine-dining eatery, the reputation of Mata Hari is well-known throughout Pattaya. With such specials on the menu as a smoked eel, homemade Terrine de Foie Gras, venison fillets and Dutch milk-fed veal, it is not difficult to see why. Like its namesake, much of Mata Hari’s fare is of Dutch origin, but with influences from around Europe. There is also a top-class Thai menu available, containing the same quality ingredients and expert preparation. With a choice of an intimate interior or tranquil al fresco seating, Mata Hari creates an exotic, romantic experience – also much like its namesake. Make sure to hit up this place if you want a good ambiance with tasty food!

Sugar Hut Restaurant

Sugar Hut Restaurant

sense of seclusion and remoteness, despite it being in the middle of the city. At the end of a long, winding road, in an open teak building with gentle traditional music playing, truly remarkable Thai food is served in an amazingly relaxed atmosphere. Far from the common, severely limited foreigner-friendly selection, the menu includes exotic ingredients and recipes. These are prepared with great care and attention to detail, creating a unique experience. With its unique village-typed authentic Thai vibe this place is stealing hearts.

Casa Pascal

Casa Pascal Restaurant is, as the name suggests, a charming house belonging to Pascal – namely, Pascal Schnyder and his wife Kim. Their place on Second Road stands out as one of the best restaurants in South Pattaya, with a particular focus on the use of high-quality ingredients to provide a sumptuous yet surprisingly affordable fine-dining experience. If you really want to enjoy the true fine dining in Pattaya make sure to hit up this place.

Bruno’s Restaurant & Lounge Bar

A fine dining experience in a clean, modern setting, Bruno’s uses top-quality imported ingredients from around the world, including US shellfish, French Foie Gras, Australian beef, Italian ham, and Chilean fish, along with the finest vegetables Thailand has to offer. The haute cuisine menu includes such highlights as black ink spaghetti with lobster ragout, scallops on spinach with a white wine cream sauce and pan-fried snow fish in saffron sauce. Round off your meal by relaxing in the separate lounge bar, which serves cocktails, spirits, beers, and wine from the well-stocked temperature-controlled walk-in wine cellar.

Cadillac Café & Bar, Wave Hotel

The Cadillac Café’s Miami Beach art deco style provides a fun and funky environment, which is reflected in the menu. High-quality ingredients are put together in unexpected fusions which work remarkably well, such as the mighty wagyu burger. The special breakfast menu, available in the morning, also includes the inventive use of unusual elements. At the same time, there are some good, wholesome American comfort foods like nachos, spare ribs and New York cheesecake, where the chef’s creativity has been restrained and the traditional recipes have been followed faithfully.

Café des Amis

Café des Amis takes great pride in the freshness of their food, boasting that their imported meats, lobsters, oysters, mussels, salmon and Foie Gras are never frozen. Special dishes are therefore subject to availability and should be pre-booked if possible. French haute cuisine cooking has been combined with a romantic Thai-Balinese house with a beautiful garden, soft piano, and vocal jazz music and a bar with over 150 spirits and liqueurs to create a cozy, unique, exclusive experience.

Radius Restaurant

The great, romantic setting of the Cape Dara Resort’s Radius Restaurant gives unique views across Pattaya Bay, particularly from the comfortable outdoor seating where diners can enjoy the cool sea breeze with their breakfast or watch the amazing sunset with their dinner, making this one of the best restaurants in Pattaya for a romantic meal. Highlights of the Asian and European menu include the generously-portioned lasagne and first-rate sushi and sashimi alongside a full Thai menu. If you favor the substantial and equally varied buffet, there are live cooking and carving stations as well as ovens for fresh tandoori and pizzas.

Best Nightclubs in Pattaya

The truly amazing vivid and vibrant nightclubs in Pattaya are a big part of what makes the city such a renowned party destination. Mostly found along the famous Walking Street, they have been pulling in the party animals looking for a lively night on the town for decades. Several of them boast cutting-edge sound and lighting systems and are increasingly attracting big-name international DJs. The main musical choices are a house, EDM, trance, hip-hop, and R&B, with some of the larger, multi-room clubs playing the full spectrum. While most places have a few coyote dancers, the nightclubs of Pattaya are mostly about enjoying the music and having a good time, unlike the many beer bars and go-go you will find along Walking Street.

Since Pattaya is a major tourist hotspot the great thing about these clubs is they are always packed any night of the week both with foreigners and especially Thai girls looking to hook up with them. The nearby Go Go Bars are the beauty which the tourists admire the most. The venues chosen below are the best of best available in Pattaya’s clubbing scene, featuring some of the most talented local and international artists on a nightly basis:

The Pier Disco Club

The Pier is another very high-class venue, featuring a state-of-the-art sound system, a huge LED screen, a multi-level design, and more laser lights, disco balls and smoke machines than any other place in Pattaya. The almost blindingly bright frontage, with LED screens even in the stairs you climb up to the entrance, draws you into a chic and modern interior which is usually packed with young party-goers and many of the more high-society locals. Trance and house music is played by excellent local and international DJs. Make sure to hit up this place to really get your foot tapping till the dawn!

Candy Shop

Candy Shop looks a bit like a beach club from the outside, with palm trees, fountains and big soft chairs and sofas. Further in, you’ll find a long central bar, a small but busy dance floor and a great live act playing hip-hop and R&B near midnight. Despite the fact that the space immediately around the stage gets a little bit cramped, there is loads of barely-used space behind it, where you will find a couple of pool tables and the toilets. Another of the older names on Walking Street, Candy Shop is particularly popular with the local Thais.

Marine Disco

Marine Disco is the original nightclub in Pattaya. It has been on Walking Street for decades and remains extremely popular with locals and tourists. It has been heavily modernized, with bright LED screens along the front and modern light and sound systems inside, so it does not show its venerable age. Playing house and EDM music, Marine gets really busy around 01:00 and remains that way until the early morning. Located fairly close to Walking Street’s famous tree, it is the Pattaya nightclub most popular with the local ladyboys.


LimaLima has a lot in common with Mixx Discotheque, which it is located directly underneath, at the Bali Hai end of Walking Street. It is a modern, trendy venue divided into two rooms, with one playing hip-hop and R&B while the other places trance, house and EDM. It has hosted some of the biggest names ever to grace Pattaya, including Boy George, Bob Sinclar, Tiësto and Fedde Le Grand, yet it has never quite achieved the same level of acclaim as Mixx has. LimaLima is still a great place to party and is especially popular with tourists.

808 Nightclub

Located directly above Candy Shop, 808 has probably the most stylish and innovative designs of any club in Pattaya. It consists of a lot of small tiered areas leading steadily down to the brightly-lit main bar close to the stage, giving the place an almost Colosseum-like shape. This does mean that, while you are your friends can enjoy a certain degree of separation around one of the many tables, it also makes dancing a little trickier as there is no large single flat floor. Playing great house and EDM tracks, it is a chic and trendy place which well-deserves its tagline of First Class Clubbing.


Slightly unusual in its design, Dclub Pattaya is a long and narrow venue, boasting the longest bar in Thailand – an impressive 18m in length! From the said bar, you can get a typical selection of beers and spirits to enjoy with the most hip-hop tracks coming from the DJ’s podium adjacent, with occasional special nights for trance and drum and bass. Opening in September 2016 at the Walking Street entrance of Soi Diamond, it quickly developed a great atmosphere.

Grand Fever Discotheque

This huge venue reopened as Grand Fever Disco, commonly known just as Fever Disco, in 5 years ago and has since been quite successful, particularly with Indian tourists. It has a well-planned layout, with a big circular bar right in the middle and a high stage along the one wall, which plays host to a wide variety of local bands, dancers and live DJs. There is also a raised balcony around the entire edge of the room for those who want to enjoy the show without getting in the way of those dancing. There’s even a patio area accessible from the balcony, with a great view out over Pattaya Bay. The music is loud and the drinks prices are pretty reasonable for a Walking Street club.

Ankor Incredible Indian Club

Known commonly as Abyzz Club, Ankor also known as Tony’s Indian Club is still a part of Tony’s Group, best known for owning a number of gyms around the city. Oddly enough, that also includes this place, which has a swimming pool and workout facilities. In addition, there is a ground floor chill-out and shisha lounge, with an upstairs disco. The upstairs area also has a balcony overlooking Walking Street. The disco has an ostentatious South Asian/Middle Eastern theme, with Michelangelo-style ceiling murals, and naturally attracts a lot of tourists from that part of the world.

Club Insomnia

Located above the popular iBar, at about the mid-point along Walking Street, this club boasts some stylish décor, great sound and light systems, and a large but very busy dance floor, broken up with small stages for coyote dancers. Busiest after midnight, particularly towards the end of the week, the calendar is dotted with regular special themed nights which are always fun and lively. Impressive resident and occasional international guest DJs play a good mix of hip-hop, house and EDM tracks and drinks prices are pretty reasonable too, making it a popular place with tourists and locals alike. As the name implies this club will never let you sleep peacefully and will get your foot tapping since the dawn.


Very nearly the first bar you come to see when you enter Walking Street from the Beach Road end, the distinctive London Underground-style sign is the first stop for most nights out and, for many, it is also the last stop. It is most commonly known as the “Red Car Bar” because of the bright red Cadillac stuck to the wall along the narrow alley which takes you up to the entrance. Inside, you will find a kind of pub-like layout, with pool tables, booths, and a long central bar. At the far end is a small dancefloor and the DJ’s stage, from which local talent play a good mix of hip-hop and R&B music.

Muang Pattaya

Muang Pattaya is a city located on the eastern coast of Thailand. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and various entertainment options. The city offers a wide range of activities such as water sports, shopping, and sightseeing. Muang Pattaya is also famous for its diverse culinary scene, with numerous restaurants serving both local and international cuisine. Overall, Muang Pattaya is a lively and exciting destination that attracts millions of visitors from around the world.

Beach Road

Pattaya is a bustling city located on the eastern coast of Thailand, renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and diverse entertainment options. From large clubs to small bars, Pattaya has something for everyone – from the international Grand Fever Disco to Tony’s Indian Club to other popular spots such as Gulliver’s and Club Insomnia. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or just relax with some drinks and friends, there are plenty of options for enjoying a great night out.

What to Expect

In the next heading, we will cover popular venues and bars and what price ranges can be expected in Pattaya’s nightlife. From large clubs to small bars, there is something for everyone when it comes to experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Pattaya. Some of the most popular venues include Grand Fever Disco, Tony’s Indian Club, Gulliver’s and Club Insomnia. Each venue offers a different type of atmosphere, music and drinks. Prices for drinks, entrance fees, and services at each venue range from affordable to upscale. In order to have an enjoyable and memorable experience while visiting Pattaya, it is important to research each location thoroughly before making a decision on where to go.

Popular Venues and Bars

Walking Street in Pattaya is home to some of the most popular venues and bars in the city. The Insomnia Club is one of them, playing a mix of Top 40 hits, EDM and Hip-Hop. This club has been recognized by many as one of the best dance clubs in Thailand. Another great venue is Lucifer 2.0, which plays an eclectic range of music including Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop and House. For more commercial music lovers there’s also 808 Club which features international DJs from around the world playing all types of dance music. All these venues offer something for every kind of partygoer – from top-of-the-line drinks to great entertainment with live bands and DJ’s performing all night long. So if you’re looking for a night out that offers something special, look no further than Walking Street for an unforgettable experience!

Price Ranges

The price range for nightlife venues in Pattaya is very broad and can vary greatly depending on what type of venue you are looking to visit. Generally speaking, drinks at most venues are relatively affordable with beers ranging from 60-100 Baht and spirits between 100-200 Baht. Entrance fees can vary but are typically around 500 Baht per person. Services such as VIP seating or bottle service will be more expensive with prices starting around 1,500 Baht.

In Walking Street and Beach Road you will find some of the most popular nightlife venues in the city which cater to a wide range of budgets. Some venues offer free entry but this usually comes with restrictions such as limited seating or early arrival times. Other venues offer special deals such as discounted beers or cocktails during happy hour periods which can save you some money if you plan accordingly.

Muang Pattaya has some great nightlife spots that offer more affordable prices than those in Walking Street and Beach Road. Here you will find bars offering cheaper drinks and no cover charge allowing for an enjoyable evening without breaking the bank.


Let us conclude the topic, here in this article we had a brief introduction of Pattaya along with highlighting some of its prominent norms, culture, and nightlife features. We also went through different activities and places to enjoy the nightlife of the region, Musical venues, Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs as well. Such activities provide a great source of entertainment for tourists and locals as well.

As already elaborated, the nightlife attraction of Pattaya scattered throughout the city. There are several streets / bustling areas of the city where cafes, concert and dance venues, galleries and restaurants offer something special to everyone who loves the culture, shopping and nightlife attraction. There are plenty of pubs & bars throughout the City areas and they are truly satisfying the desire of thirsty visitors where you can enjoy your cocktails with the mesmerizing architectural beauty of the of the city.

You don’t feel any hunger during your trip, that is why we also suggested some of the finest restaurants in the city that offer exotic and delicious food and fine dining along with your favorite drinks. You can enjoy the taste of good food along with some great booze.

And lastly, we went through comprehensive options of nightclubs of the city that offers great music and fun with some delightfully exotic choices of drinks and cocktail that will delight your overall experience of charming nightlife during your stay at Pattaya.

All of the experiences as mentioned above will work together to make your journey to Pattaya absolutely a memorable one. A perfect and balanced blend of the above-identified activities can actually boost your experience and make your trip extremely unforgettable for you.

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