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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Toronto. (More in-depth further below)


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Amaze yourselves with the best music in Toronto. The following mentioned clubs provide you with all the MCing and DJing. Not just that, they have a sound system for scratching, beatboxing, and instrumental tracks too. Hip hop is considered one of the best music genres with rapping and turntables. Adding more charm to this, these clubs have a setup with beautiful aesthetics and lightings. Some even provide you with delectable food.  Dress up and have a mighty night out here. These clubs are surely going to jazz up your energy levels for the next few days. You don’t want to miss them!

1. Cake Nightclub Toronto

Cake Nightclub Toronto

Take a slice out of something new when it comes to nightlife in Toronto, with the Cake nightclub. The club does its best to be anything but pretentious. It does so with two levels of the club, each with their own unique sound and style. There are also multiple private VIP booths so you and your friends can have some privacy. The state-of-the-art sound and light system makes the club come alive, while the impeccable service makes sure you have what you need throughout the night. You can dress casually to enter the club, but make sure you don’t wear any kind of sportswear.

2. Everleigh Toronto

Everleigh Toronto

If you want to experience something different from a traditional nightclub in Toronto, then Everleigh is the place to be. The club’s venue is completely concept driven, incorporating and bringing together music, art, design and service. Two different rooms fuse the old with the new, creating a fun experience for all. Outside this venue is a small courtyard patio that guests can enjoy their nights in. Many local and international performers have also used Everleigh to entertain the people of Toronto. Open to both public and private events, you can customize your night out how you want. So dress in style and get ready to party it out to some of the best top 40 music.

3. Lost and Found Toronto

Lost and Found Toronto

Are you lost, trying to find yourself in the nightlife scene of Toronto? There is no better place to do some soul searching that at the Lost and Found nightclub. The club is a place that welcomes wandering souls since “not all those who wander are lost”. The club brings together bittersweet memories and a sense of adventure, letting you discover something new. It is located in the lower level of a building that is over a hundred years old; so you will find a piece of history on every wall. Lost and Found wants its guests to find solace in its drinks, music, people and the experiences they can have.

4. EFS Toronto

EFS Toronto

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In Conclusion

I hope all the best clubs are covered for you in this article and all the queries you had in your minds about them got answered. Have a fun night out with your friends. Or maybe make friends along the way. These clubs await your presence with their welcoming environment, colorful lighting, rocking music, intoxicating drinks, and delectable foods. Don’t miss out on them and have the experience of a lifetime. Dance away your daily hitches and drink away your worries. Dress up and have a mighty night out here. Jump and hop to hip hop!

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