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A beautiful and knockout city in Netherlands, Utrecht has so much to offer for the people young at heart. The city is well-known for its buzzing nightlife and is home to various legendary nightclubs. Not only the locals but visitors grace the nightclubs where they can dance their worries away! The most wanted music in Utrecht is Hip Hop. If you are an adult and watching out for the best Hip Hop clubs in Utrecht to dance all night away, you have reached the right site. We have come up with a list of the most paramount Hip Hop clubs to have an exciting night out in Utrecht!

1. EKKO Utrecht

EKKO Utrecht

EKKO is a progressive pop hall, dance club, exhibition space and café. This multipurpose venue is the perfect place to discover the latest acts, drinks and local beer, as well as to dance the night away. Furthermore, it is also the perfect place to grab a drink with friends or go out for dinner with family. Moreover, the music playing in this club consists of music playing from indie, pop, folk, experimental, electronic, hip hop, rock, psychedelic genres among many, many more. Furthermore, the club was founded in 1986 and has since then remained an evergreen hotspot for people of all ages and backgrounds. Lastly, the drinks in this club are not only tasty, but also extremely cheap.

2. Woolloomooloo Utrecht

Woolloomooloo Utrecht

The Woolloomooloo is a nightclub that is known for being the largest student disco in all of Netherlands. It is located in the heart of Utrecht’s nightlife spot. Moreover, it is famous for providing customers with the perfect event space, affordable yet tasty drinks and a cozy and inviting atmosphere with unlimited possibilities during the night. Moreover, the club is also available for renting out for private parties. In addition, the club remains open all throughout the week, except on Tuesdays and Sundays, from 11pm to 6am, and so prepare yourself to party all night. Lastly, the music playing in this club consists of mashups and mixes, hip hop, RnB, rock, techno and house.

3. WAS Utrecht

WAS Utrecht

WAS is an event space located Utrecht, which is the perfect spot for customers to visit and forget all their worries and party all night long. Moreover, this is a place where all types of music is explored and all sounds are accepted, genres range from hip hop and RnB to salsa and techno. In addition, the club does not impose a specific dress code, and welcomes all clothing forms. Moreover, the club has an age limit for people being at least 21 years of age to enter this club. Furthermore, the club remains open 24 hours a day so prepare yourself to dive into a night that you will not forget any time soon.

4. Bassment Utrecht

Bassment Utrecht

Bassment is a club that is located in Voorstraat, Utrecht. It remains open only on Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 4am, so the window for partying is small, but definitely worth it. The bar in this club is stocked with affordable and tasty drinks, and the environment exudes quality partying. Furthermore, the club also hosts various parties, such as Fruhstuck and Zenith, and La Fiesta. Moreover, the music playing in this club consists of afrobeats, electronica, techno, hip hop and house. So come on over if you wish to party in style and in an affordable manner. Lastly, the age limit for entrance in this club is aged 18 and above.

5. Basis Utrecht

Basis Utrecht

BASIS is a club that is located near the medieval canals of Utrecht, providing the venue with a romantic
and aesthetic backdrop. Furthermore, the club itself has two concrete areas that contain several bars,
an intense sound system, as well as a minimal lightshow for customers to enjoy. In addition, to ensure
that customers enjoy their nights in this club thoroughly, the club hosts all its unique programs itself,
giving people more time to party with its 24 hour license. This club opened its doors in 2015, and has
since then, remained a fan favorite. Lastly, the music playing in this club consists of techno, hip hop, RnB
and chart toppers, as well as mixes and mashups.

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In Conclusion

To believe them, you have to see them! All you need to have a pair of buttocks to dance all night away on the loud club music. Utrecht nightclubs are awaiting you to extend the nights filled with music, drinks, parties, and memories! Visit any of these clubs to have your exclusive fun experience! It can be safely bet, you will experience anything but ordinary! Cheerio! 

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