Honolulu Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Honolulu Nightlife

Welcome to Honolulu’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Honolulu. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Honolulu is one of the most exciting tourist spots in the world. Due to the city’s scenic beauty, a considerable number of people choose to visit this place for refreshment. Indeed, the city looks beautiful in the daytime, but it also has a compelling ambiance at night. Various tourist spots look amazing at night that you should visit for a better experience.

Unfortunately, however, the pandemic has affected the city massively, for which many tourist spots, restaurants, bars, etc., are still closed. 

Therefore, if you plan to visit the city, you must gather accurate information for your benefit. This is because, without proper planning, you may fail to explore the city. Hence, you can delve into this blog to learn about the nightlife of Honolulu.

A Peek Into The Happy Hours Of Honolulu

Honolulu has various places that look amazing in the daytime. However, the city is also known for its after-hours. Once the happy hours start, it is party time for the individuals of the town. You can visit multiple establishments like tiki bars, luau events, live music, etc., in the happy hours to enjoy the ambiance. However, you should know that the general time of the happy hour time of the place runs from 5 pm to 7 pm. Although, you must take information on a particular place before visiting to avoid any inconvenient situation. You must know that the nightlife of the city will readily engage you with the Hawaiian hip culture. 

The primary theme of the city’s top places revolves around the Hawaiian, Oahu, and Waikiki culture, for which you will never experience a dull moment. For this reason, you can enjoy both tranquil and loud music on the same night. You can also enjoy local bars and live music in the beach shacks and high-end clubs. In addition, due to the multiple establishments and different menus, you can get proper places according to your budget and expenses. Hence, you can understand that you will balance your costs by visiting other sites at happy hours.

The Karaoke Scene Of The City

Karaoke is one of the most exciting activities that individuals perform to maximize their enjoyment. This is why, like other cities, Honolulu is filled with many Karaoke spots that you should visit for a better experience. You can readily mingle up with the crowd and showcase your talent. Besides this, you can also book a private Karaoke room for your friends and family to make the night more exciting. 

One of the notable Karaoke spots of Honolulu is the Karaoke hut. This place allows all the customers to hit the Karaoke stage with their drinks. In addition, you should know that all the Karaoke bars and pubs of the city serve incredible beverages. So, if you have a craze for tropical drinks with excellent Karaoke sessions, you must go to the particular bars. In addition, as the Government has imposed various rules due to the pandemic, you need to gather accurate information to avoid inconvenient situations.

Live Music Scene Of Honolulu

The live music scene of Honolulu is very much famous all over the world. There is a saying that “”EDM Downtown and Jazz in Chinatown” is pretty much accurate for the city. Earlier in this blog, we have discussed how the primary theme is based on hip culture. Thus, you can readily understand that the city has a fascinating live music scene at night. You can get multiple bars and nightclubs in the town to enjoy various types of music, including acoustic, hip-hop, etc. In addition, you will also see a very appealing crowd in all the bars as there is a craze for live music in the residents of the city.

However, you need to gather accurate information on the different places and the artists to enjoy your preferred genre of music. One of the best factors of live music in Honolulu is finding many talented roadside musicians who can entertain you massively. Therefore, you can understand that there is a wide variety of places in the city where you enjoy live music with excellent quality food and drinks. Hence, live music is a primary attraction of Honolulu nightlife.

Various Places To Visit In Honolulu At Night

  • Diamond Head

One of the most exciting places in Honolulu is Diamond Head. The tourist spot has a perfect ambiance and scenic beauty for which individuals choose to visit the place. You must know that it is from the very few city areas that you can see both day and night. Indeed, most individuals visit Diamond Head in the morning, but going to the place at night has some different vibe. You can readily take a tour of the site in the evening to enjoy the sunset. In addition, must know that the place is open till 6 pm, so you should visit before that to avoid inconvenience. 

  • Firework Scenes

Another notable factor of the Honolulu nightlife is the firework scene. Before the breakout of the pandemic, the people of Honolulu enjoyed fireworks every weekend. However, the Government has imposed few rules in recent days, and the fireworks happen only on particular days. Therefore, you need to take information on the firework scene of Honolulu to experience that. In addition, due to current situations, Hilton is organizing a special firework screening that you enjoy with loved ones. Hence, you can understand that it is one of the most beautiful things about the city’s nightlife that you can enjoy.

  • Luaus Event

One of the most exciting factors of the place is the Luaus event. It is primarily a traditional party of the Hawaiian people. The basic theme of the party is based on the Hawaiian traditions for which you can attend the party. Few notable things about the Luaus event are the fire dance and multiple foods. You can also enjoy live music, hula dance, fire knife tricks, etc., in these types of events. However, you need to take detailed information on the event day and time and book your trip according to your experience.

Notable Bars Of Honolulu

  • Mai Tai Bar, Royal Hawaiian

Mai Tai Bar is one of the most famous bars in Honolulu. Situated at the coast of Waikiki beach, you can enjoy a compelling scenic beauty from Mai Tai bar. Furthermore, you can readily visit the site with your loved ones due to the soothing music and fantastic scenario. Few special items of this particular bar are the handcrafted cocktails, cobb salad, etc. In addition, you must consider booking tables early as it stays crowded at every hour of the day. Furthermore, due to the scenic beauty, quality of food, and service, you should visit the place for your experience.

  • Hula’s Bar And Lei Stand

One of the most notable places in Honolulu is the Hula’sHula’s Bar and Lei Stand. It is one of the traditional bars of the city that is servicing excellent quality food and drinks for around four decades. The bar is situated near the Diamond Head, for which you can quickly get a very soothing view from the place while having your drink and food. In addition, you can also experience different types of acoustic music and live music sessions if you visit the place at an accurate time. Furthermore, you can also balance your food and drinks budget by visiting Hula’sHula’s bar as it is less expensive than most of the other places in the town.

  • Wang Chung’sChung’s Karaoke Bar

Wang Chung’sChung’s Karaoke bar is another exciting bar in the city. It is one of the very few places of the city which is based on Asian decors. Therefore, you can readily get multiple drinks in the place and showcase your singing talent at the Karaoke setup. Besides the Karaoke setup, Mimosa is one of the most exciting aspects of this particular bar. In addition, it also has a happy hour menu for which you can also balance the number of your expenses. Furthermore, Wang Chung’sChung’s Karaoke bar is one of the recent and best places in the city that you should visit to enjoy the nightlife.

Major Restaurants Of The City

  • Zippy’s

One of the famous restaurants of the place is Zippy’sZippy’s. It is from the very few food joints of Honolulu that stays open 24 hours. Therefore, you can readily visit the site at any hour of the day. Some of the dishes of this restaurant that you should experience are local-style meals, desserts, pastries, etc. You can also get various regional cuisines, including chili and saimin. You can also get multiple other delicious foods to tempt your tastebuds. In addition, another important reason for which you can consider this restaurant is that it is moderately less expensive than many other food joints. 

  • Rumfire

If you are planning to visit Honolulu, you must book a table at Rumfire. It is one of the most exciting and unique restaurants in the place that serves delicious mouth-watering dishes. Besides delicious food, the site is also notable for its music and its ambiance. The restaurants also provide a happy hour menu to excite the crowd with some unique dishes and drinks. In addition, you can readily enjoy live music sessions, DJ mixes, etc., in this restaurant. However, due to these offerings, your expense and exceed will surely give you a lifetime memory. Hence, you should visit the place for good food, music, and ambiance. 

  • Duke’sDuke’s Waikiki

Duke’sDuke’s Waikiki is another fundamental restaurant in Honolulu. It is one of the traditional places that is serving food to the visitors for an extended time. It is situated at Kalakaua Avenue St. and is recommendable for seafood. Some of the unique dishes of this restaurant are hot wings, tacos, nachos, etc. Another primary reason for which you should visit the place is the ambiance. You can also enjoy different music in Duke’sDuke’s Waikiki. Hence, you should visit this place to taste various types of food with soothing music.

Famous Night Clubs Of Honolulu

  • The District Night Club

One of the most exciting and sought-after nightclubs in the city is The District Night Club. It is one of the traditional nightclubs of the place that serves good quality food and drinks for an extended period. Besides these, individuals also book the home for Bachelorette and birthday parties. Some of the notable factors of this particular place are good quality music, young crowds, and friendly ambiance. Thus, you can readily visit this place to maximize your experience. 

  • The Addiction

Addiction is another famous nightclub in Honolulu. As the club is located inside the Modern Honolulu Hotel, you can understand that it has an up-sale crowd. Therefore, the items on the menu are moderately expensive. However, you must go to the place because of the perfect party ambiance and the list of in-house DJs. In addition, you need to take accurate information before visiting the club as otherwise, you may miss the featured DJs and unique items. 

  • Bar 35

One of the most famous nightclubs in Honolulu is Bar 35. This place is situated in downtown Chinatown, one of the most crowded areas of Honolulu. Hence, the site is considered a hotspot club of the city. You will get more than 200 beers at this place. In addition, you must visit the club on weekdays from 4 pm to 9 pm to benefit from the happy hours. Furthermore, you can experience live bands, DJ acts, dance, etc., in this particular club.

To Conclude With

By reading the points mentioned above, you can readily understand that Honolulu has an exciting nightlife besides day life. This is because the residents of this place are very much enthusiastic about music and hip culture. Hence, if you visit Honolulu, you will not feel bored at any hour of the day. You can enjoy live music, Karaoke sessions at various pubs, nightclubs, etc. In addition, to enjoy your Honolulu trip, you need to gather information on the place and plan accordingly. Book your tickets today and get to enjoy the best from Honolulu nightlife.

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