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House is a genre of music that’s less widely known, mainly because it’s a sub-genre of EDM or Electronic Dance Music, which means it qualifies as the same thing. House in specific has a typical tempo of 120 to 130 beats per minute. Similar to trance music, it can set the perfect rhythmic mood for the dance floor and will have you getting lost in the musical flow. And when it comes to Charleston, there’s no lack of cool nightclubs hosting daily club nights and live music shows in the city. 

A good place to start would be Upper King Street and Market Street because that’s where you’ll find most of the nightly action. In the following list, we’ve shared some of the hottest nightclubs in Charleston so that you won’t have to spend long looking for your next venue! Just remember to bring your groove for the EDM-infused playlist tonight.

Mynt Charleston

Mynt on Calhoun Street is a classic nightclub in Charleston and happens to be one of the go-to places for dancing and drinks. While it’s a newer addition to the city’s clubs, it has quickly made its name in the market. There’s a fashionable cocktail bar for professionals during the weekdays and an excellent nightclub environment for the weekends. After passing security, you walk through a brick tunnel that leads into an outdoor courtyard and a door leading to the inside of the club.

Deco Nightclub Charleston

Deco Nightclub is one of the ultimate VIP spots in Charleston, with a strict dress code. So while flip flops and graphic tees may not be allowed, it’s for a good reason! It has its own parking space which is always a plus point when you’re ready to party and don’t want to waste time finding a spot to park your vehicle. The crowd you find here is likely to be more polished.

Trio Charleston

Not only is this club multi-level, but it has possibly the best sound system in town. Trio features a lounge, a dance floor and a patio, so plenty of space for you to pick a spot. With daily live shows usually starting from 9 pm onwards, Trio is one of the hottest nightclubs in Charleston. With bass-boosted beats and a DJ that keeps you on your toes, you’ll have the time of your life on the dance floor. The club also has a lounge for you to relax in and an outdoor patio if you’re in the mood for some fresh air. And if that was not enough, they have the only self service bar in town!

NV Dance Lounge Charleston

At this Charleston dance club, regulars marvel at their bottle service and love the VIP area. The DJs have great music going at all times. So if you’re in the mood to have some drinks and hit the floor, NV is the place to be tonight. Overall, the NV Dance Lounge is much loved by customers and has a great environment, especially if dancing is on the schedule. So this is certainly one to add to your list!

Republic Garden & Lounge Charleston

Republic Garden & Lounge is a relatively fancier bar and restaurant located in the heart of downtown Charleston. The place offers classic cocktails, an extensive wine list, and of course, a full bar. Guests can enjoy live music in the newly opened outdoor garden patio nightly from 7 to 11 pm every night! And you can usually find rotating DJs playing the Top 40’s, techno, electronic, or other hits.

Dudley’s Charleston

Dudley’s might be the only remaining LGBT nightclub/bar in the Charleston area, which makes this place quite important. Dudley’s offers it all with energetic LGBT-friendly hangouts with drag performances, karaoke, billiards, and dance nights! And since it’s welcoming to everyone, you’ll find yourself in great company all night long. Not only is Dudley a friendly, all inclusive club, it’s also open 7 days a week so you can party to your heart’s content no matter the day!


House music is a wonderful sub-genre of EDM that’ll have you moving on the dance floor with all the party people! With these Charleston nightclubs, you can easily find weekly live shows and other entertainment nights that are perfect for a night out. What’s more, the cocktail menus and friendly crew treatment add to the overall environment and make for a poppin’ nightclub. Customers have left some great reviews of these places, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

Before you head out, be sure to check out the schedule of these clubs and see what may suit you best. Sometimes, clubs play diverse genres regularly but will have specific live music nights that can interfere with your plans – or make them even better! But it’s a good way of locating the hottest parties in the city! You may just end up finding a musical act that’ll be worth every penny of the ticket.

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