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Deco Nightclub Charleston, Guide & Review

Deco Nightclub is one of the ultimate VIP spots in Charleston, with a strict dress code. So while flip flops and graphic tees may not be allowed, it’s for a good reason! It has its own parking space which is always a plus point when you’re ready to party and don’t want to waste time finding a spot to park your vehicle. The crowd you find here is likely to be more polished. The place also has one of the largest dance floors in Charleston, boasting a space of 5000 square feet. There’s a large central bar that keeps your drinks flowing and many VIP booths that will upgrade your entire experience. For the ultimate dancing experience that goes into the wee hours of the night, Deco is your place to be. Frequent party-goers have raved about the friendly staff and bouncers so you feel secure as you let go of your inhibitions on the dancefloor.

Equipped with fabulous strobe lights shining down on a dimly lit, spacious dance floor and state of the art sound system, Deco Nightclub is a classic place. With their motto being DrinkDanceDeco, this is one club in Charleston that won’t let you down!

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