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Music Farm Charleston, Guide & Review

The Music Farm now has Charleston and Columbia (South Carolina) locations managed by Music Farm Productions. And they prepare more than 200 live shows annually! The pandemic has undoubtedly become a bit of a hindrance, but the club remains open for regular nights.

Charleston’s Music Farm is located on Ann Street in the heart of Upper King’s entertainment area. When it comes to their live music, you’ll find an impressive collection of local acts and nationally touring bands from all genres and styles. There are even a few artisan craft fairs and comedic performances at times. Tickets to Music Farm shows differ by the artist but are very affordable for the most part.

The venue itself can hold a lot of people and has a good environment. The stand-only floor space gradually slopes upwards as it moves away from the stage, with two balconies on its flanks! So bring your friends along because you’ll have a great view to enjoy at this club.

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