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Founded in December of 1999, the Silver Dollar is an excellent nightspot in Charleston‘s downtown area. Even though it’s technically listed as a “bar” at times, it also has a dance floor and night environment that transforms it into a club. Known for its fun and relaxed atmosphere, you can find nightly live music here, along with great drink specials and music ranging from hip hop to techno.

The Silver Dollar has been one of the ultimate places to “wind down” for a long time, and that’s not changing any time soon! If you’re in the mood for a live DJ or some good old bar action, this is the place to go to tonight. What’s more, there are also live pool tables and other fun activities. And if you go on Mondays or Wednesdays, you’ll find drink specials and discounted rates.

Regular customers also revere their crew as a fun-loving bunch, which means you’ll be in for a great night. And thanks to the bar/restaurant area, a good meal is just a few steps away when you get hungry or are in the mood for a break. There is also some Karaoke action here, but that usually happens earlier in the night.

Overall, Silver Dollar is probably the best music spot on King Street, so we’d certainly recommend checking it out!

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