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If House Music is what you are smitten with, San Antonio is your next destination. The city has got everything for everyone. The finest and top of the line House Music clubs are what San Antonio is being worshipped for! You will get to listen to the most upbeat live-House Music concerts that will take the edge off your desires. If you are a person who wants everything to be perfect in life, these places suit perfectly to your taste. So, what are you waiting for! Rush to the finest House Music clubs in San Antonio to experience the ultimate fun of your life.

1. Bonham Exchange

Bonham Exchange

Bonham Exchange is a 25, 000 square feet club and is located in San Antonio. It has a very long and rich history. Our club is split into three levels, and a massive patio is also available here. Bonham’s state-of-the-art sound and lighting system will provide you an excellent experience. Over 10 bars are installed here. They are managed by expert bartenders who provide great service and incredibly delicious drinks. One sip and your taste buds will have a field day. Various music genres such as House, Dance, EDM, Top 40, Latin and Hip-Hop, etc. are played at our club.

2. Ivory Lounge & Nightclub

Ivory Lounge & Nightclub

Ivory Lounge has a chic and modern look. It will enchant you. All of our furniture is white colored, and we have multiple seating options available. A fully furnished bar which serves excellent shots, beers, and martinis, etc. is also installed here. Sit wherever you want, select a drink from our menu, and enjoy your time on the dancefloor. Top 40, Hip-Hop, Latin and Dance music is played here. At our club, you will encounter San Antonio’s hottest DJs. They will keep you moving till the morning.

3. Cowboys Dancehall

Cowboys Dancehall

The Cowboys Dancehall is so outstanding that all other venues pale in comparison to it. It is a 70,000 square foot place which is split into two levels, i.e., the Ground and Mezzanine. Our place can accommodate over 4000 guests. Multiple huge screens and plasmas are located throughout the club. They display various videos. Two dancefloors are also available here. You can rock out to your heart’s content.

4. Heat


The Heat Nightclub is San Antonio’s number 1 place to party. Our place is split into different areas, i.e., Video Lounge, Outdoor Patio, and Main Room. Each one of them has a unique theme and vibe. Have a fun time exploring and discovering the perfect zone. Multiple bars, two dancefloors, and VIP booths are also located here.

5. Hotel Discotheque | Hideout Kitchen & Bar

Hotel Discotheque | Hideout Kitchen & Bar

Hotel Discotheque is an excellent place to party. The neon lighting combined with hazing machines creates a rocking party environment. It is a spacious and beautifully designed place. Elegant chandeliers, comfortable seating, fully furnished bars, and pretty decorations are installed here. They highlight the beautiful features of the club.

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In Conclusion

If you are unaware of the chicest and most splendiferous House Music clubs in San Antonio, we have found them for you. Our list of the top 5 House clubs is where you can experience anything but ordinary! Prepare your ass to dance like crazy as the live concerts go on until the wee hours in the morning. These are the places where you get to meet your like-minded peeps who are as crazy as you. The world-class performances by the most talented local and global DJs and artists, are what you should expect from these clubs. The ultimate fun of your life is coming your way in San Antonio! Cheer up!

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