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House of Smith Newcastle, Guide & Review

House of Smith in Newcastle is possibly one of the most popular nightclubs in the city. This claim is only cemented by the fact that patrons line up for hours outside the venue hoping for a chance to get in. The club is what you would imagine Gatsby’s grand parties to look like. With a old world money air and a lively atmosphere; House of Smith has it all. Their drinks menu is extensive and their guest list well booked. The club is pretty pricey so you should have that in mind. They play a variety of music; Hip Hop to Hawaiian and more. They have theme nights ever other day so you can look at their upcoming schedule and go on a night when you know you’ll have fun with the theme.

House of Smith Newcastle Dress Code Guide

I don’t know if it’s a sheer coincidence or a well-thought plan, but the names of a few nightclubs in New Castle have an uncanny similarity with the popular movie names or famous poems. The name House of Smith reminds me of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie starrer Mr and Mrs.Smith. But unfortunately, the House of Smith has nothing to do with the movie. It’s a popular nightclub in New Castle with an upscale dress code. This post is all about that.

House of Smith Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to partywear. They can wear beautiful dresses, shirts, cropped tops, tunics, klutos, jeans, t-shirts, jumpsuits, straight pants, and so on.

The length of the dress doesn’t matter. Don’t be afraid to show your gorgeous skin. The size of the dress does matter though. It should highlight your curves and features.

Only sportswear is not allowed in this nightclub. So avoid wearing sports shoes and sports attire.

Like men, there are a few guidelines for shoes also. You can’t wear sandals or flip flops or flats. Choose a heel instead of a flat shoe. A black stiletto is good enough to go with every kind of dress you have.

Carry branded accessories and enter the nightclub in style. Don’t worry about your hairstyle. Any hairstyle is acceptable.

House of Smith Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

The dress code is smart and casual. It should be trendy. But make sure it’s nothing too fancy. Collared shirts, formal trousers and t-shirts are acceptable. But if you’re bored wearing trousers, then you can wear jeans too. Wear a slim fit jeans with formal shoes or dress shoes.

Some men wear designer sneakers. Well, sneakers look good, but there is no guarantee that the nightclub’s management won’t create any problem. It’s better to not take risks and spoil your mood on a beautiful Friday night.

Avoid anything that looks like a sports attire. Hoodies, shorts, jerseys, joggers, hats, and caps should be avoided.

No matter what you wear, you should be able to carry it with confidence. Otherwise, your entire effort will go in vain.

Our Suggestions

House of Smith management has the ultimate power. If you want to take your date to this nightclub, then make sure you follow its dress code policy properly. Otherwise, both you and your date may have to finish your dinner somewhere else. But don’t be disheartened if you’re not allowed in the nightclub. There are plenty of nightclubs in the same area. You can go there. Better alternatives are there for you. House of Smith is not the ultimate nightclub on earth.

Don’t forget to keep your identity card, passport, and driver’s license with you. The doorman will check your credentials before allowing you to enter the nightclub.

Weekends are a little pricey and crowded. Make sure you book tables in advance. Have a blast in the House of Smith with refreshing cocktails and hip hop music.​

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