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Ice Night Club of Detroit, Guide & Review

Such for that place to have great time, excellent service and clean good fun, Ice nightclub is automatically the venue. Ice Night Club of Detroit is located in Wayne County of Michigan state, an amazing venue for a spotty nightclub. On the street of Greenfield Road. To communicate or ask something with the place, they have an online platform for customer services, where questions will get the correct answers.

Here is where you will have a great time, get excellent  Customer service, and spend a Clean Good Fun time here. Food is alright, you can have Chicken and Fries Taste which are specially prepared for this place’s customers. The Bartenders really can mix a drink and the DJ is always  on point with the music keeping you at all time in the right mood. The bathrooms are so clean with an attendant that hands you towels soap whatever you need just very professional and well run no bullshit no drama. You will really miss visiting this once you go there.

Based on the guests’ opinions, the service is spectacular for customers. Good prices are something that should be noted about this bar. It’s fair for all kinds of customers. When the beautiful patrons at this club aren’t breakin’ it down on the dance floor, they’re most likely gathered around one of three bars or lounging on stylish banquettes. However, the most coveted spot in the house, the VIP Red Room suite allures guests with flat screen TVs, complimentary champagne and a luxurious private bathroom. Run and make a reservation not to miss out on this place. Visit I Rock and enjoy the Night Hype to have an amazing night out.

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