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Jai Club Sao Paulo, Guide & Review

Are you in search of an amazing night out in Sao Paulo? Jai Club is the place for unforgettable Sao Paulo nightlife experience. Jai Club is a Disco club and a nightclub located in São Paulo, Brazil. It’s renowned as the best live music venue in Sao Paulo. Jai’s club heart is probably the stage; they dedicate a good part of their schedule to musical attractions. The band plays and the stage pulsates, making the audience circulate through Jai’s nights. And that’s what they live on, from music, from parties, from the public. 

They know that for a long and healthy life for our Jai we must maintain good musical habits, practice good service and try to have as many parties as we would like to go to. They particularly like parties with good drinks, one more reason to have a reinforced bar with a good variety of spirits, beers, cocktails and drinks. The person responsible for maintaining the quality of our bar is one of their partners, Clodoaldo Silveira, who has been in the beverage and customer service business for over 20 years. 

Jai Club is beautiful, full of fun people, exhibits awesome acoustics, always attentive to new highly professional bands with awesome artists, awesome staff who are always ready to help exhibiting fast service, nice sound and lighting system, organized concert hall, good music and lively DJs who make the stage pulsate, delicious and freshly served food, sensational atmosphere, wonderful flooring, good space for dancing and wonderful unique vibes.

Jai Club doors are always thinking about what you want to do next night. Definitely, at Jai Club you will enjoy your night out to the fullest with your friends and have unforgettable experiences. Ultimately a nice place to dance and have amazing drinks in a comfortable setting.

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