Jerusalem Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Jerusalem, a city in the Middle East, is a part of Israel. While there are many things to do in Jerusalem, people often ignore the nightlife of this city. When people think about this city, it doesn’t seem like a place to party. The old city of Jerusalem doesn’t have many options when it comes to partying and is eventful only during cultural festivals. However, the modern city of Jerusalem has a lot to offer. From Jaffa Street to Zion Square – you will find tons of bars and pubs to experience the city’s nightlife. Whether you want to sip on Israeli Wine or dance all night long – here are some of the places in Jerusalem where you can have a blast at night. 

When does the nightlife start in Jerusalem?

The nightlife in Jerusalem is active on all days, especially on weekends. It is a misconception that not much happens on Friday nights due to Shabbat. Shabbat, in case you are unaware, is considered as a day for rest’ amongst Jews. Although the crowd is less compared to other days on Fridays, it does not mean that all bars and pubs are closed on that day. Whether you want to attend live events or dance at the hottest club in Jerusalem – you will not run out of options. 

Best bars in Jerusalem

There are a lot of options when it comes to exploring the bars in Jerusalem. In case you are confused about which bar you should pay a visit on your trip to Jerusalem, here are some of the best ones in town:

  1. Gatsby Cocktail Room

Gatsby Cocktail Room is one of the finest bars in Jerusalem. It is located in the downtown of the city and just a few minutes away from Yaffo Street. The bar is hidden behind a café on the ground floor of a building, so you may have to keep an eye out to locate it. The place has a retro vibe. You will find yourself transported back in time with the 1920s décor and a casual vibe. The music here is fantastic. If you are lucky, you may even find a live band performing at this joint. Critics highly recommend the alcohol menu of this place. You will find some of the best cocktails in town at Gatsby Cocktail Room. Although there is a fixed menu, the specials keep on changing each day. The place is not highly affordable, but it will be worth your money.

  1. The barrel and the tap

If you like to have a chill night out with beer and good food, ‘The Barrel and The Tap’ is the place you need to be. It has a friendly atmosphere, and you can get beer straight from the tap. Located on Hillel Street, it is open till 4 am. Stella Artois, Carlsberg, Guinness – these are some of the common choices you will get on the beer menu. Moreover, you can also order finger foods such as mozzarella sticks to binge on. It is an ideal option for those who want to have a good time in Jerusalem without spending a lot of money.

  1. Blaze

Just a few meters away from Gatsby Cocktail Room, Blaze is located on Hillel Street. It is the ideal place for you if you enjoy rock music. Those of you who enjoy live music can drop by this joint for a couple of drinks. Just sip down a couple of beers and have an excellent time with your friends at Blaze. However, keep in mind that it closes early at 3 am from Sunday to Thursday. On Saturdays, you will find it open till 6 am. 

  1. Birman

This is a special one for all you jazz lovers out there. Birman is a classy bar that plays jazz exclusively. You can find this joint on DorotRishonim Street. You can visit this place if you want to try put something different. The menu mainly consists of delicacies from the Middle East. Be mindful of the timings as it is different for different days. On Fridays, it opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm due. But you can party till the wee hours of the night on every other day at Birman. 

  1. Mike’s Place

You will get your regular pub food and drinks at Mike’s Place. It consists of two levels. On the top floor, you will be able to play pool. There are several pool tables available at this place. On the ground floor, you can order a drink and enjoy the live music. Located on Yaffo street, this place offers you the ideal pub experience in Jerusalem.

  1. Beer Bazar

Want to have a drink at one of the quirkiest places in Jerusalem? Say no more and head over to Beer Bazar. Inside the MahaneYehuda Market on Chaim Street, you will be able to find this bar. Initially, it started as just a hole in the wall to find popcorn and the best craft beer in Israel. Now it is a proper pub where you can eat the best kosher food in town.

On top of that, you can even get a sample of the beers you decide your order. One of the top-rate items at this joint is the ale. Barring Fridays, it is open till late at night for customers. You can find another branch of Beer Bazar at Jaffa Street as well.

  1. Toy Bar

A favorite amongst University students, Toy Bar, is known for its affordable drinks. Located on Du Nawas Street, it is open even on Shabbat. As soon as you enter this place, you will be able to hear some good foot-tapping music. The food here is delicious. This place should undoubtedly be on your list if you want to spend less and enjoy more.

  1. Sira

Sira is another joint that hosts happy hours from 5 pm to 9 pm. The vibe of this place is exceptionally energetic as it is mainly filled with students. Some of the most famous Israeli musicians perform at Sira regularly. Apart from that, you can catch music events and premiers at this place. The drinks are affordable, and the food is to die for at this joint.

  1. Yudale

Yudale is one of the trendiest bars in Jerusalem. The bar-style food available at this place will be cooked right in front of you. The quality of food is top-notch and is made with local produce. Moreover, you will get a good number of options when it comes to alcoholic beverages. From beer to wine – you can order anything at a reasonable price at Yudale. Although it might be challenging to get inside this bar due to the crowd, it is definitely worth the wait.

  1. Wine Bar

As the name suggests, you will get a fine collection of wine at this place. The Wine Bar is an excellent option for those who want to hang out with their friends and enjoy a casual atmosphere. You can get delicious food such as charcuterie at this place. If you do not like wine, don’t worry! You can also order a mug of beer and have a wonderful time. 

LGBTQIA+ bars in Jerusalem

The Video Pub is a gay bar that is located on  Yohanan Street. It is one of the few bars in the city where you can get drinks at a reduced price during happy hours. However, it closes at 10 pm on Fridays. But do not worry! On every other day, you can find this place open till 4 am. The Video Pub has a 1980s theme and has a retro décor. Usually, the DJ plays electronic music at this joint. The vibe is exceptionally welcoming, and people from any nationality or sexual orientation feel at home at this place. Sadly, there is only one gay bar in Jerusalem. However, most of the bars in this city are peaceful and give off a friendly vibe, regardless of your sexual orientation. 

Best dance clubs in Jerusalem

If you are looking to paint the town ted and dance all night long, don’t worry! Although Jerusalem is an ancient city, it does have some of the best dance clubs in Israel. These are some of the best ones where you can dance all night long in Jerusalem:

  1. Bass Club

This dance bar was opened in Jerusalem in 2005 and is still quite popular amongst the crowd. Bass Club is the hub of electronic music in the city. It is the only club that plays techno, house, trance, progressive, and dubstep. You will find world-renowned DJs performing at this club every weekend. Their social media handles are active, and you can check them out to keep an eye on the events at the club. If you like to dance to electronic music, you must visit this place.

  1. Oliver twist

Oliver Twist is located at a 150-year-old building that has been renovated. Despite the changes, it has retained its old-world charm that can make anyone feel comfortable. As soon as you enter the club, you will be able to see a huge bar. Needless to say that there is a wide range of options when it comes to alcohol. Apart from the bar, there is a DJ stand and amazing sound as well as light systems. There is a coat closet where you can keep your belongings and dance without worrying. 

  1. Haoman 17 club

This dance club is located at Talpiyot and lies in the industrial area of Jerusalem. Haoman 17 is known for its music. Trance, house, and electronic – the music at this place is what brings in the crowd. Another feature that attracts the crowd is the DJ lineup. International DJs play at this club regularly. It is a tad more popular than the other dance clubs in the city. Hence, you may have to stand in a queue on weekends. 

  1. Friends Bar

If crowded places are not your thing, you can always visit ‘Friends Bar.’ Although it might be less loud, it is not boring at all. The bar serves an array of cocktails. There is a dancing space where you can let your hair down. This place lets you party without getting pushed around by the crowd.

  1. The Place

‘The Place’ is divided into three sections – the balcony, the bar, and the dance floor. You can hang out with all your friends on the balcony or try out the cocktails at the bar. The DJ plays primarily traditional party music from all over the globe. It is an ideal place to let your hair down, not just for the tourists but also for locals.

Best live music venues in Jerusalem

There are a lot of people who prefer a live musical performance over partying. Apart from the nightclubs, there are several venues where live music events occur daily. Here are some of the best ones in Jerusalem:

  1. Yellow submarine

It has been 30 years since Yellow Submarine has opened its doors for customers. Located on Herkevium Street in Jerusalem, it is a renowned live music pub. Jazz, acoustic, salsa, rock – several kinds of musical events take place at this joint. Many musicians hang out at this place as it has a recording studio and rehearsal places as well. 

  1. Zappa

There are about four Zappa clubs in Israel. But you need to know about the one in Jerusalem. The one located on Hebron Road is an exciting place to be. If you have a genuine interest in music, you will love the Zappa outlet in Jerusalem. The place holds musical events for all genres. From Reggae to Rock – you can find tourists and locals enjoying these shows at Zappa, Jerusalem.

Best late-night food stops in Jerusalem

It is a good idea to finish your meal before you start drinking. If you are planning a night out in Jerusalem, you need to know about some of the late-night restaurants in Jerusalem. Some of them are:

  1. Azzahra restaurant

There are plenty of options when it comes to cuisines in Azzahra. You can order the Mediterranean, Italian and Arabic food at this place. But what if you are a vegan? Don’t worry. There are vegan-friendly options available on the menu as well.

  1. Chipser

As the name suggests, Chipser is famous for serving Holland-style chips.  You will get to eat fries with a wide range of delicious sauces on the side. Garlic mayonnaise, curry ketchup, and peanut butter –are some of the top-rated sauces. Located on Street 7 in Jerusalem, you can also get a beer at this place. Whether you are about to start partying at night or looking for a place to drink – Chipser solved both problems.

  1. Iwo’s

Want to eat something delicious after drinking all night? Why not grab a burger from Iwo’s. Their burgers are made with seasoned meat and homemade sauces as well as buns. This is one of the few places in Jerusalem which is non-kosher. Hence, it is ideal for tourists who love bacon. 

  1. Zuni

Zuni is a 24/7 restaurant that serves different kinds of cuisines. Just like Iwo’s, it is non-kosher and ideal for travelers. You can get French, Italian or Mediterranean food at this place. Moreover, you can get vegan options as well. The place is famous for its ambiance and service. They believe that the customer should be served with utmost care. Located on the You’ll Moshe Salomon Street. It is a good place to drop by late at night. 

  1. Chilli Pizza

Almost everybody likes to eat after getting drunk and prettying all night long. If you want something light yet tasty, you can drop by Chilli Pizza. Located on Hillel Street, the pizzas are made in a typical Jerusalem style. The chefs use homemade sauces, which adds to the flavor of the pizza. There is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the options. Hence, you will never get bored of this place.  

  1. New Deli

New Deli serves outstanding subs, and it is a famous late-night food joint in Jerusalem. These subs are made out of homemade sauces, fresh bread, smoked deli cuts of meat, and extremely fresh vegetable. However, these are not very expensive. You only have to pay 25 shekels to get one sub. You can also add fries and beverages to your order at New Deli.

  1. Jachun bar

This is an Israeli Yemenite food joint in Jerusalem that is open till late at night. There are a lot of options for vegans at this place. One of the recommended dishes of this place is the ‘Memulwach.’ It is a traditional fried malawach wrapped up and served with the sauces you select. You can find Jachun Bar on Hillel Street.

  1. NocturnoCafé

Just as the name suggests, this café is ideal for grabbing a late dinner in Jerusalem. There are tons of options for vegans. Moreover, many of the items are gluten-free as well as Kosher. Before bar hoping, you can grab something to eat at this place. 

Karaoke in Jerusalem

Instead of dancing, you can even decide to visit a karaoke bar. It is a classic yet fun activity for you to engage in. There are plenty of options when it comes to karaoke bars in Jerusalem. Some of them are:

  1. Wild Cat

You can easily spend two to three hours at Wild Cat. It is not just a karaoke bar. You can play a lot of socially stimulating activities at this place. From beer pong to PlayStation – you can choose from a lot of options. Moreover, if you decide to invest more money, you can use the VIP lounge as well.

  1. Off the wall Comedy Theatre

This place is not just a karaoke bar but the first and only comedy club in Jerusalem. It was started in 2004, and till now, it has been entertaining the audience every day. You can take your friends and family for karaoke sessions at this place. Apart from that, you can also attend comedy and music-related events as well. In case of a special occasion, you can book the place privately for you and your loved ones.

Watch movies at night in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Cinematheque was made by a couple of movie lovers back in the year 1970. It is located in Hebron Hills and has a beautiful vibe. Those of you who love to watch different kinds of cinema need to check out this place. There are ‘night series’ shows available at Jerusalem Cinematheque. Not just local but international movies are also screened at night at this venue. Classics, art films, or commercial movies – you will get to choose from a wide range of options. If you are lucky, you can even drop by the international film festival which occurs at this place.


Jerusalem is old and rich in traditions. Hence, it cannot be an all-night party like Amsterdam. There are a few rules that one needs to follow. But overall, the nightlife of Jerusalem is not that bad. You can get good food from the best restaurants in town.

Moreover, good alcoholic beverage options are found in almost all bars and pubs of the city. You can bar hop around Jerusalem with your friends. Several bars serve some of the fantastic cocktails available in the city. There are always dance bars open in Jerusalem where you can show your moves. For the ones who like it to be peaceful, there are live event show venues and the comedy club. After grabbing dinner at one of the above-mentioned late-night food joints, you can watch a movie at the Jerusalem Cinematheque as well. Just make sure that you are aware of the timings before you drop by that place.

Hence, what are you waiting for? If you are planning to visit Jerusalem, make sure that you consider all the options mentioned in this article. Only then will you be able to plan out your night out in the city.