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Karlovy Lazne, Guide & Review

One of the most iconic and highly rated clubs in Prague is the 5 Storey Karlovy Lazne Club. This venue claims to be “one of the Biggest Nightclub in central Europe”.


Karlovy Lázně is a five-story nightclub housed in a 15th-century building that claims to be the largest club in Central Europe, and that’s not hard to believe. Karlovy Lázně has several dance floors for different genres of music, making it the perfect choice for large groups of partygoers who can’t agree on the vibe they’re looking for. The club plays all sorts of music genres, from new-age pop to ’60s rock. You can also enjoy novelties you won’t find in other nightclubs in Prague, such as grabbing a drink at its ice bar or watching a robot DJ perform.

This is the almost legendary place that holds all the superlatives: the tallest, the biggest, the most visited nightclub in Central Europe. Three thousand people on five floors in what is essentially five different clubs, each with its on lavish interior design. Karlovy Lázně boasts innovations like the Oxygen bar that dishes out pure (but flavored) Oxygen to supposedly improve alertness and reduce hangovers

the Ice Bar, where no one is allowed longer than 30 minutes as so not to freeze to death

a robot DJ one of its dance floors

And, the newest of all, a robot cocktail barkeeper.

Is it also the best clubs? Among locals, it divides opinions. But is it worth a visit if you’ve never been? Absolutely no doubt!

This is your best option if you have a large group of friends, as it’s spread out over 5 floors so there will be something here for everyone!

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