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Koko London, Guide & Review

A club with absolutely no dress code, Koko is a very interesting night club venue in London. It is a club venue where anyone can come and be comfortable in their own unique sense of style and fashion.

This is the ultimate guide to Koko Club, London. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the dress code policy of Koko, how you can get there easily, what you can expect, and everything in between that you would want to know.

An indie-alternative club in London, Koko Club is definitely a must visit for all those interested in loud music and a tsunami of crowds.

Location and How to Get to Koko Club

Koko Club is located at 1A Camden High St, London NW1 7JE, UK, in a neighbourhood that prides itself on having very punk roots at one point of time. However, the existence of Koko in this neighbourhood transforms the vibe of the area to a significant extent.

Dress Code and Age Requirement for Koko Club

Koko Club has a strict above 18 door policy. It is important to keep a valid ID proof with you at all times in the club. There are several bars you will find inside the club venue, and they reserve the right to ask you for an ID proof before serving you drink. Student cards are not accepted; however, other forms of ID proof are accepted.

As for the dress code, Koko Club has none! You will find a diverse crowd of party lovers each dressed in accordance to their own personal tastes, choices or themes. Some people might be dressed in goth attire, while some in punk, grunge, and hip hop attire. Of course, for those glam divas who just need a chance to show off their new outfits, you can also wear a fancy club outfit, a sequined top, crop tops and skirts to the club. The only thing not allowed is business formals and office formals.

Weekly Program at Koko Club

The club opens its doors from Sunday to Thursday nights, till about 4 am in the morning. Of course, each night of the week has a different gig, live show, performance or party being held here. The club can open its doors anytime in between 6 to 8 pm, where the first gigs go on till 11 pm after which the next gig is performed.

Keep yourself updated on the different events being held here at the club. Visit the Facebook page or the official website for Koko Club, London, to know all about the events, gigs, and club timings. There is something new and exciting every night of the week and you definitely do not want to miss out.


The music scene at Koko Club is quite interesting and varied. This club is mostly an indie alternative club; however, you will find a lot of different genres of music here as well. These include disco, hip hop, rock, cheese, drum and bass, and the likes. There are live gigs and performances held every night of the week where different artists and DJs play their live sets for the audiences. Keep a check on the events page to know which artist is playing on which nights so that you don’t miss out on your favourite events.

Average Line and Guest Lists

The club has a free entry policy before 10.30 pm, which can attract quite a large number of crowds to the club. If you arrive early, you could entry free entry into the club and even avoid waiting in lines. However, the club does not tend to get crowded till much later. If you get an early bird entry, you can typically enter for about 15 pounds.

However, depending on the night, the event being held, and how early you arrive, the typical entry fee can change on every single night. Some nights you could get in for free, while other nights you would have to pay around 10 pounds for entry.

There is no Guest List as such for Koko Club, however, you can request membership for your guests or opt for queue jump tickets online. You can get in touch with the Koko Club partners and know all about these tickets. This way, you can enjoy a much cheaper price for entering into the club and even skip the long lines outside the club!

VIP tables and Bottle Service at Koko Club

The VIP area at Koko Club is one of the best and most exclusive in London. If you can afford it, opting for the VIP table and bottle service is definitely the way to go. You can enjoy private service along with some amazing drinks right at your table all night long. Get in touch with Koko Club to know about the VIP table charges and how you could book a VIP table for you and your group.

Drink Prices

The drink prices at Koko Club are actually quite reasonable. You could get a glass of beer or wine for 3.50 pounds, shots and other cocktails from 3 pounds, going right up to 10 pounds and more, depending on how fancy your order is.

Our recommendations

Travel light when you go to Koko Club, because you would have to keep your belongings in at cloakroom for 2 pounds each.

While there is no Guest List for Koko, you can always get on the queue jump guestlist, which pretty much works out in the same way.

Avoid wearing any kind of fancy dresses, especially the ones meant for stag and hen parties, as these are absolutely not allowed by the club.

Well, that’s about all you need to know about Koko Club, London. Get ready to have a completely unique experience, expressing your individuality and coming to terms with the uniqueness of all those around you at Koko Club, London.

Koko London Dress Code Guide

If you are looking for a night of heaving crowds, feverish dancing and loud music, then Koko Club, London, is exactly what you are looking for. This historic theatre has been transformed into a nightclub venue and is a very popular one as well. The club itself is located in a very hip, punk neighbourhood of London. However, the concept of the club, along with its interior décor is so very majestic and royal, that most people are quite taken aback with this contradiction.

Of course, just like any other nightclub, you must be curious to know about the dress code policy for Koko, London. Read on to find out all about it.

Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The dress code policy at Koko is; that there is none! You will be surprised to come across a diverse range of crowds here dressed in their own individual styles. From punk, to goth, grunge, skater chic, hip hop, to even formal and fancy, there is nothing that you will not find at Koko, London.

For the ladies, this opens up a whole new world when it comes to experimenting with your fashion sense. You can dress up in your goth attire on one night, and in your skater chic attire the next. Of course, if you prefer to remain slightly more ‘mainstream’, you can always come dressed in a trendy club outfit.

Crop tops, short skirts, leggings, fancy blouses, gowns, there is nothing that you won’t find here at Koko. And not to worry, whatever you do decide to you, you will never feel out of place here.

As for your hair, well, Koko expects you to keep with the theme of your entire look, so go ahead and experiment as much as you wish to.

Tattoos are more than welcome at Koko, so if you have it, don’t be afraid to flaunt it!

Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Koko London does not have a dress code policy as such; however, there are a few things that you can avoid wearing here. Any kind of formal wear, business wear and office wear would not be accepted here. It is less of an issue of being accepted, than it is that you would not be comfortable in it yourself.

You will find the men at Koko dressed in accordance to some theme. Some men are dressed in hip hop attire, while some prefer a trendier casual club wear. Of course, the best part of this club is how easily you can experiment with different looks.

For your hairstyle, well, go with your theme is the best advice that you can get for Koko.

As for tattoos, well, the more the better!

Our suggestions

With a dress code policy that pretty much allows you to wear anything you like, Koko is the best place for experimentation.

That being said, the club does not allow entry if you are dressed in business or office clothes. Any sort of stag party and hen party style fancy dresses are also not accepted.

Well, go ahead and let your creative juices flow at Koko, London!

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