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Koo Club Santorini, Guide & Review

Koo Club is located on the north end of cliffside walkway in Fira. The club has a large outdoor patio in a tropical setting with palm trees and an indoor dance floor that is in total contrast with its sultry ambiance and high energy action which reaches a crescendo when the dance floor becomes packed with gyrating bodies who let them be carried away by the pulsating rhythms of the music. The indoor floor is pretty large and has a luxurious decoration, looking pretty much like the interiors of a Greek palace, with its large cave-like alcoves, subdued lighting, an impressive chandelier and plush sofas with comfy cushions. The spacious patio outside has three bars and can be used as a getaway to lounge between songs or to enjoy a drink under the stars.

Koo is perhaps the most popular nightclub in Santorini. With parties and events no energy is enough for one night at Koo club. Koo has 3 bars outside where you can enjoy under the stars in a friendly wonderful environment among with palm-trees. Every Wednesday, International Dj, G. KLO pumps up the volume with the latest and greatest Greek tunes for you to dance the night away. The ideal place for your night entertainment gives you dancing feeling all night long.

Included is a free entry for your group with your bottle(s) of house spirits whether it is scotch, vodka, gin, ouzo, bourbon, whatever your poison with mixers free till the bottle empties with nibbles also included. During hot summer months lots of the action happens on the terrace where a two-story lounge space offers an upper-level cocktail bar with banquette and table seating that overlooks a livelier lower-level bar area. A small staircase connects the two spaces and inconveniently acts for as overflow seating for those too cheap or lazy to inquire for a table.

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