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La Fira Villarroel Bercelona, Guide & Review

La Fira villaroel, we are known best in the town for our parties, parties that you will not see in any other place. The place is a perfect blend of a restaurant and a nightclub; Eat, dance, have fun, none should stop you while you are being our guest.

One of the major unique features of this nightclub is it’s a Feng-Shui style décor which fills the air of the whole place with a harmonious vibe. And the Barceloneta beach residing at the front of the club adds to the charm of this place. The club is situated in the area of Port Olimpic which is famous for leisure and fun. Besides the elegance and exclusive décor of this nightclub, this nightclub excels at serving their clients, as they have the most amiable staff.

If you are looking for originality in parties and/or you love themed parties, you must spend your Friday nights at La Fira villaroel. The music played at our ravishing parties include RnB, funky, fantastic house, and 80’s music. The club has also seen the after-parties concerts by famous singers; Madonna, Cold Play, Depeche Mode, Elton John, The Killers, and Lady Gaga and also the Hollywood movie premieres have been held here with all the required refinement.

You can also enjoy privacy by acquiring VIP areas available and spend your night in a more personalized environment with personalized services. Regardless of the seasons, this nightclub welcomes the civilized, posh, and modern people from the town all year round. Make your reservations prior by a simple call while you are working at your office desk, or doing some other usual task.

We know you are looking for a place which has fun to offer. Visit La Fira villaroel at Friday and/or Saturday night!

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