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La Voûte Montreal, Guide & Review

La Voûte is a sophisticated club located in Montreal’s first skyscraper, in the vault of the old Royal Bank. This actual vault/club is the perfect place if you enjoy sophistication and mystery. The furniture consists of black velour benches, tall arched ceilings that provide the perfect backdrop. Moreover, the club also has an elegant bar providing tasty and sophisticated, yet expensive drinks. A dance floor is also present for partygoers to dance. In addition, the club also hosts DJs who keep the environment energetic with their loud and energetic tracks such as EDM and party mashups, motivating you to dance the night away. Lastly, the club is open from 10 pm to 3 am on weekends.


La Voute Montreal Dress Code Guide

La Voute is a sophisticated nightclub in Montreal where guests are greeted with a friendly team, broad space, and a cool environment. It’s a magical place where you’ll forget boredom and all the worries of life.

La Voute Montreal Dress Code for the Ladies

Women are the most beautiful creatures in this world, and they can wear the most beautiful dresses that the world has produced.

Women can wear jeans, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, etc. The only requirement is that the dress should be of the right size. Baggy clothes are not allowed in La Voute.

La Voute has a different theme every week. So a wise move will be to dress as per the theme of the party. For instance, in Halloween week, the theme of the party is Halloween. You can experiment with your look vividly. You can wear Halloween costumes and turn into a ghost or a pumpkin. For more ideas, watch YouTube videos on the DIY Halloween costumes.

Women have lots of choices regarding accessories. They can wear stylish jewelry to complete their look. But they have to be particular about their shoes since only heels are allowed here. There is no scope to wear sandals or flip-flops.

La Voute Montreal Dress Code for the Gents

ometimes, I feel pity for men because they have limited choices when it comes to clothes. In La Voute, men can’t wear sports attire, and this typically includes:

  • Jerseys
  •  Baseball caps
  •  Track jackets
  •  Shorts
  • Joggers
  • Sneakers

Apart from sports attire, men can’t wear beach attire here. They can’t wear flip flops and sandals in the nightclub.

Is there anything else? 

Actually yes. La Voute nightclub doesn’t allow men to wear sneakers, leather boots, work boots, etc.

So what can men wear? 

Men can wear collared shirts, jeans, and dress pants. They can wear dress shirts and a polo with a collar as well.

What about the shoes? 

Well, men are only allowed to wear dress shoes here — nothing else.

Since men have limited choices when it comes to dressing code, so they can wear a branded and stylish watch. That may help to elevate their look. But they shouldn’t wear big junk jewelry since that would ruin their look. Sometimes, less is better.

A word of wisdom 

Both men and women should avoid wearing torn jeans and shirts. Ripped and torn clothes are prohibited here. Guests should wear clean and crisp clothes.

Although it’s not mentioned on the website, to be on the safe side, both men and women should avoid carrying a big backpack. Women should carry a small clutch with valid identity cards. Men can enter the nightclub carrying a branded wallet.


Celebrities can wear anything. The dress code guidelines are not applicable to them. So don’t get upset if they are dancing wildly wearing ripped clothes.

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Looks great the voute.

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June 17, 2022

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