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L’anonyme Cannes, Guide & Review

At Cannes?Discover your new club L’Anonyme with a brand new concept! Adult entertainment club located at Carnot, Cannes, France. L’Anonyme is a luxury club dedicated to libertine pleasures. 

The Club has a smoking area, 2 floors of cuddly corners, A simply exceptional Hamman and restaurant lounge dedicated to the excitement of the taste buds with sexy shows during your dinner. All orchestrated by a young and dynamic team that accompanies you until the end of the night

While here you will experience the food, the staff, the sumptuous club, the service and the high end clientele. Club with enormous potential, fine cuisine and especially since October 1 a new direction that is fully dedicated to its customers. The two Saturdays I have been there since the recovery, showed me a rise in attendance and adorable people. The DJ has changed and it’s doing a lot of good. Would this be the rebirth of this mythical club? An excellent club with a very warm atmosphere

Nice place, nice welcome, nice clientele, very clean and very secure. Very discreet place. It’s perfect and highly recommended for your night out at Canned. Very good experience and very good reception. 

An excellent evening for us anonymous, very warm and friendly welcome. The meal was delicious and all in a club more than magnificent. I can attest that you will return soon with great pleasure.

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