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Le Terreau Geneva, Guide & Review

Diversity, accessibility and a good time away from work, Le Terreau will absolutely provide this for you. It has been a nightlife spot in Geneva since May 2016. Managed by the Collectif for a rich, lively and diverse nightlife . Le Terreau hosts weekly events organized by all types of associations. Concerts, Dj’s set, exhibitions, vernissage, dance lessons, projection etc … Consult our program to keep you informed of the evenings. It’s golden rule  is to make its evenings accessible to everyone.

Composition of the room: a large bar in period wood, a long bench and 4 central pillars. Separate sanitary facilities and a reception hall complete the composition

Accessibility and diversity are the keywords here. Accessibility because the room is rented free of charge, the prices are affordable, both at the bar and at the entrance, and the bar’s receipts mainly go to the association which organizes the event. It is not the kind of place where one makes a big profit when one organizes, but it makes it possible to put forward “small” groups or artists still little known and to serve as springboard. Diversity because the Terreau wants to highlight the abundant local scene in all its diversity. There can be hardcore metal Thursday, Friday a reggae night, and hip-hop Saturday and many more thanks to the diversity of the member associations of the Nocturne Collective, there can be many types of evenings, here everything is done with spontaneity.The hybrid character of the place: the programming changes all the time. And also the fact that Le Terreau is an entirely voluntary place: in events, no one is paid.  

 All this will only be found at Le Terreau. Make a trip to this extraordinary place for an incredible night out.

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