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Club Description

Chinawhite was all the rage back in the day; it was the club you had to be at if you were someone who enjoyed the party scene. However, Chinawhite has rebranded itself into Libertine and now it is bigger and better. The club previously had an Asian vibe but it is completely a different atmosphere now. The club has three very different vibes for three different sections. A cocktail bar which is very elegant, it is named Reason & Mankind; you can probably tell the type of ambiance this section has. And one of the sections at Libertine is incredibly secret and VIP found behind a secret door which serves as its entrance. If you get the chance to actually reserve a place for yourself in this section, well, then you are incredibly lucky. The music at the club is always loud and you will find a genre that you thoroughly enjoy at one of the sections inside of the club. So if you are someone who loves a night out at a club then you really need to make sure you visit Libertine at least once because of how good this club is and once you have visited you can tick it off of your bucket list.


The club is located at a very convenient location near the tube. The exact address is, 4 Winsley St, London. You can get off at the Oxford Circus Underground station and be at the club with a walk of a few minutes.

VIP Table Guide

Standard tables at Libertine start at 500 pounds and can host 3 guests at the most and the highest price for a standard table goes up to 1000 pounds for 10 guests. And the VIP sections costs a little more, the second tier of tables in the VIP sections costs a whopping 1000 pounds for 3 guests and the first tier in the VIP section costs 2000 pounds. The cost for a table at Libertine depends on the drinks you order since premium drinks could raise your bill to a little more than mentioned. If you get a table in the VIP section then you will be set for the night since the tables are located at the best sections in the club and you are also assigned a hostess to cater to your every need throughout the night so you can make sure you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Bottle Service

The minimum spend for Bottle Service is 500 pounds for 3 guests, and the prices for Bottle Service increase as the number of guests increase. The maximum price for Bottle Service in the VIP section tends to go up to 2000 pounds.

The Dress Code

Like most clubs in the city, Libertine also enforces a strict dress code for its patrons. The men should be in sharp dinner jackets with formal dress shoes and the women should be in their smartest cocktail dresses and sharpest heels. Make sure you do not wear casual clothes such as athleisure or something of the sort since you won’t be allowed inside if you do.

Libertine London Dress Code Guide

One of the most high end, popular and exclusive nightclubs in London, Libertine is a commonplace for celebrities to hang out and have their club night outs at. Only the most glamorous and trendsetting clientele can gain entry into this popular night club in London.

So of course, if you are looking to gain entry into Libertine, London, you will have to look just like one of these international celebrities! Well, there is no need to panic. This short guide will tell you everything you need to know about the dress code policy for Libertine, London.

Libertine Dress Code for the Ladies

The key factor to being accepted into the Libertine guest list is to look sexy, sophisticated and definitely glamorous. For the ladies, this means that if you have one of that designer, sequined dresses hidden away at the back of your closet for special occasions, Libertine is the place you want to wear it! Of course, you can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. You can also opt for a bolder look with open back dresses or strappy dresses, but make sure they look glamorous enough for Libertine!

As for the shoes, opt for the best high heels in your closet, and nothing less! Flats, flip flops and casual shoes, especially sneakers and trainers will absolutely not be allowed.

As for your makeup and accessories, less is more! Opt for a dramatic smoky eye or cat eye look with bold, red lips, and keep your hair neat with an eye-catching hairstyle to complement the rest of your outfit. You can also opt for beautiful, flowing curls, a neat bun, or some sort of hair accessories. Don’t do too much at once, instead, opt for a more classy, diva look for the night.

Libertine Dress Code for the Gents

For the gents, your best option is to look like James Bond visiting a night club and you will be just fine! Put on your finest shirt and trousers, you can even opt for dark jeans, but it is always best to avoid them just to avoid any kind of hassle at the front door.

Any kind of casual clothing or accessories is a big No-No.

As for the shoes, opt for the best formals that you own, and definitely steer clear of any kind of sneakers, running shoes, loafers, or open-toed shoes.

As for what you need to avoid, any kind of sportswear, jerseys, hats and caps, and trainers are a big No. You should also try and avoid wearing jeans, especially distressed jeans to this club.

When it comes to your hair and beard, only neatly groomed, clean hairstyles and beards will be be accepted into this club.


Getting into Libertine Club is not all that easy, you really need to put in some effort to blend in and look like a million bucks. Avoid the casual outfits completely and instead, opt for the most classy, elegant looking outfits you own, or that you can afford!

You can always go through the club pictures by going on to the Libertine, London official website and getting an idea on the dress code policy here.

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