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Lipstick Disco Nightclub Denver, Guide & Review

One of the most paramount nightclubs in Denver is Lipstick Disco. It is a west-side club with two separate dance floors. The venue keeps rocking until the morning on weekends. The most loved music in Lipstick is top 40 and Latin. If you are fond of Latin music, then this venue will become your all-time favorite! The best DJs, artists, musicians, and performers from all over the world make their appearance in Lipstick to rock the stage. A decent and sophisticated crowd can be seen here.

As you enter the venue, you will be mystified and puzzled by the dimly lit neon glow and the quaint atmosphere. The music scene is loud, electrifying, and vibrant; enough to drive you crazy. The venue has two chic bars where the best liquors and drinks are offered. The diligent and pleasing bartenders craft unique and exuberant mixes for the guests. Also, the drinks are reasonably priced.

Why the venue is named Lipstick Disco? Because it was born from a realization that although there are a handful of talented female musicians and artists who are doing great but still the music industry is nothing less than a male-dominated arena. The majority of promoters, engineers, producers, and DJs are all males. Lipstick Disco came into being to represent the best female talent around the globe. The contributors and collectors of Lipstick are all females.

LD is all about surprises. Expect to see anything here! Besides, the Lipstick Disco showcases female DJ talent monthly. If you are uncertain about giving this venue a visit, take our words! We guarantee that you will experience the ultimate fun of your life in LD. But for that to happen, you need to be at Lipstick at your earliest. Hurry up, plan a nice weekend! All the fun is looking for you in LD!

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