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Lipstick Lounge Nashville, Guide & Review

The Lipstick Lounge is legendary because of the extravagant parties and events they host. The club opened up in 2002 and quickly grew into a hot spot for young Nashvillians. The owners wanted to make this a venue women would want to visit. It was originally intentioned as a lesbian club but is now open to anyone and everyone. The interior reminds you of a burlesque because the dim lighting, plush seats and lips plastered everywhere.

The bar is known for the friendly staff who do not discriminate between male, female, gay, straight or any race. This is a place where you can diversify and find new dance partners. The bar is crowded on any night and the dance floor begins picking up in the late hours. This is a great place for you to grab a drink with friends or relax with coworkers after a long day at work. They are also known for their karaoke nights where everyone gets to belt their hearts out and entertain the crowd. Whether you bring your girls, or your guys, or come alone, you’ll have a have a grand time.

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