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Little Room Jazz Club Key West, Guide & Review

You’ll be able to get to the Little Room Jazz Club with the brightly lit stairs leading you inside this intimate venue, with everything you need for the music club: talented dancers, a cocktail menu above, fun seats, and a sexy, candlelit-sized look of sultry sounds on stage. If you like your music in the background, there are a few nooks long from the scene, as well as outdoor seating – if you can find it. The wine and beer list are extensive, though most sponsors order cocktails: Hemingway’s Death By Champagne – a Champagne cocktail with absinthe bitters, lemons, and Lillet Blanc – a unique item of the house. But it is best absorbed by small bites of the bar, such as well-executed charcuterie boards or Jazzy fried chicken, served with the side of apricot jam for sauces.

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