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Maddox Club London, Guide & Review

The Maddox Club is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Mayfair, London. This is one of the finest ‘private clubs’ in all of London. If you are ever lucky enough to step inside then you will very quickly realize why this is the case. Maddox guestlist is highly demanded and mandatory if u want to enter the club.

Club Description

Maddox is an amazing club in London’s poshest area, so you can imagine the amazing crowd which is usually found at this club. The club is one of its kind in the city, it has somehow seamlessly combined the atmosphere of a club and a high-end restaurant. Not a lot of places can seem to do that but at Maddox, it seems almost natural. The music at Maddox is amazing, the DJ somehow plays the song which everyone at the club wants to hear. The food at Maddox is also amazing and people tend to love it. The club is not just frequented by London’s high society but also celebrities from all around the world tend to make special appearances at the club. The club has a unique system where new DJs tend to be playing every time you visit the club so that you enjoy a unique vibe every time that you happen to visit the venue. The club is getting more popular day by day which of course means it’s getting harder to get into as well so make sure you are prepared to wait a while if you happen to visit the club.


The club is located in London’s prime Mayfair area. The exact address is 3-5 Mill Street in Mayfair, London. The club is pretty easy to find and has a lot of other clubs in the area as well so the area is usually is filled with people.

VIP Table Guide 

Like every major club in the city, Maddox has great things in store for those who book the VIP tables. The VIP tables are great; they have so many perks with them that you honestly gain more than you pay in terms of a seamless experience. The first benefit is that you have fast track entry into the club and do not have to wait at the door for hours for a chance to get inside the club. The next perk is that you are a priority to everyone in the club, they want to make sure that you are happy and having fun the entire time you are in the club. The rate for a Standard table at Maddox is 1000 pounds. And the price for a VIP table with the best view and service is a minimum of 2000 pounds so make sure you are carrying the cash for a table!

Bottle Service

The club has an amazing bottle service. The drinks cost ranges according to the drink you choose; so you can decide what you fancy and the bill at the end will depend on the amount and type of alcohol you had happened to order.

The Dress Code

The dress code at Maddox is similar to the dress code of every high-end club around the world. Men are asked to wear sharp looking jackets and nice preferably leather shoes. And women should be in cocktail dresses and should be wearing heels since flats are not tolerated on women at the club.

Maddox London Dress Code Guide

Located at the heart of Mayfair in London, Maddox Club is thought to be one of the most popular clubs in London. With elegance and beauty oozing from every corner, Maddox Club is one of the best places for locals as well as tourists to simply let loose and enjoy the night with some drinks, friends, and amazing music.

Just like any other popular night club in London, Maddox Club has a pretty strict dress code policy. The door policy of this club is restricted to those who adhere to the dress code policy of this club, and if you fail to follow it, you will not be allowed into the club. Here is a short guide on the Maddox Club dress code policy.

Maddox Club Dress Code for the Ladies

The Maddox Club dress code policy states ‘Smart and Sexy’ as their dress code. This club is super strict about its dress code guidelines, probably more so than other night clubs in London.

For this club, your best option would be to opt for a long cocktail gown. Of course, you can also opt for a knee length dress, but anything higher or more revealing will absolutely not be allowed at this club. The management is very strict about maintaining class and decorum at this club, so be careful of this.

As for your shoes, you need to put on a really nice pair of high heels. No other kind of shoes will be allowed here. This means no sneakers, running shoes, sandals, flip flops or flats. Of course, this makes it a great opportunity for the ladies to show off some of their best killer heels at the club.

As for your hair and makeup, opt for a subdued, classy and chic look. Avoid very heavy or gaudy makeup, instead, go for a bold lip and soft eyes, or a cat eye look which is always very popular.

Maddox Club Dress Code for the Gents

The best option for the men here at Maddox Club would be to opt for a tux. You want to look as classy and elegant as possible. And of course, when there are so many gorgeous ladies around you, it is quite obvious that you don’t want to dress shabby!

You can always experiment with your shirts and jackets; you don’t have to stick to the traditional white shirt and black tie combination. If you want, you can also choose to skip the tie altogether but remember to opt for a really smart shirt underneath your jacket.

As for shoes, formals and formals only will be allowed here! Anything else is strictly prohibited.

Remember to come to the club well groomed; a neat haircut and clean beard is the best look for men.


Maddox Club is one of those elite clubs which attracts some of the most popular and high-end crowds in London. If you want to fit in, it is important to follow the dress code policy strictly. You can go through the official Maddox Club, London website and go through their club pictures. Here, you will get a better visual idea of what kind of club attire is expected.

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