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Club Description 

If the name didn’t tip you off yet, we will; the club has a Hawaiian theme going on which makes it all the more alluring to both local Londoners and visiting foreigners alike. Mahiki Mayfair is another great addition to the London nightlife scene and should be visited by you if you want to truly experience a fun night out in London. The parties at this club are legendary with the club hiring exotic reptiles and animals to entertain the guests with. They truly follow their theme and want to ensure that their patrons are sucked into the atmosphere so they truly feel like they are in Hawaii themselves. The tiki glasses, fruit-laden cocktails, and seashells in a lot of decoration around the club are great which reminds you of a beach vibe even though you’re completely landlocked in London when you are in this club. The tables are made of bamboo and are incredibly comfortable to sit in. You will feel like you are at a luau. However, the music might transport you somewhere else, and that will probably be to the dance floor since you will be forced to dance as the music is usually so catchy. So tell your friends about Club Mahiki now so you can make a plan and dance the night away.



The club is located at 1 Dover Street in Mayfair, London. It is next to The Clarence and is in the main area of town and will be easy for you to find. Every taxi driver in the city knows about the club.


VIP Table Guide 

The VIP tables at Mahiki are hard to come by and you need to ensure that you book them as soon as you can because they tend to be booked solid for weeks on end. The lounge tables alone require you to spend 500 pounds. And a single table at the Club will require a spend of 700 pounds and a VIP table of the highest degree will cost 1000 pounds. So if you want the truly luxurious experience then you need to be willing and able to spend the big bucks. The perks of getting a VIP table at Mahiki is that you will be given the best seats in the joint. Other than that your entertainment will be their priority and they will make sure they give you the best treatment possible.


Bottle Service 

Bottle service at Mahiki begins at 80 pounds and varies according to the bottle you order. Make sure you factor in the 15% service charge added to every bill for bottle service availed. You can even order cocktails separately if that is what you prefer.


The Dress Code

Like every other nightclub in London, you need to dress to impress for club Mahiki as well. Men should be in smart jackets while women are in pretty dresses. Unfortunately, you can’t get in just wearing a hula skirt. So make sure you wear some beautiful formal wear.

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