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Midnight Club Geneva, Guide & Review

Looking for the newest trending nightclub in Geneva Midnight Club Geneva is obviously the place for you.Ideally situated in the Old Town of Geneva, their establishment offers an unforgettable night out. You’ll hear in the club that will make you sing along and dance like nobody’s watching. In the brand new decor of its 3 floors which are wants modern and refined

with on the 1st floor a smoking room and its selection of cigars as well as its basement reserved for “Private Dances”,

without forgetting on the ground floor it’s bar, its room and its stage where sublime dancers perform in Pole Dance Topless.

Come visit us for a pleasant evening, alone or with friends anyhow you may like to spend your night here.

Besides its rare and stunning dial, the Midnight in Geneva  features white gold Fleur-de-Lys hands finished with silver powder, matching with the rail track and the hour markers. An underground electro-house musical selection in a festive ice decor makes it all amazing.What a nice view for your night in a nightclub.The MIDNIGHT CLUB offers you a 100% URBAN atmosphere every Friday, Saturday and the eve of public holidays from midnight until the end of the night. Not enjoying the night here will never be a thought for your stay.

Your new trendy nightclub in Geneva, the Chill Club welcomes you on Fridays and Saturdays from midnight, in a relaxed atmosphere and reasonable prices. 

At Midnight Club all the fun, enjoyment and pleasure will never end. All it will take for you is make a trip to Geneva and have your lifetime experience in a nightclub. Midnight Club is the best place for your night out.

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