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Neon Baby Denver, Guide & Review

Finally, the 70’s are officially back in Denver with this newest night attraction, the Neon Baby! This is a pop-up disco bar and club that is filling the void created by Yeah Baby. As Yeah Baby is undergoing reconstruction and remodeling, Neon Baby will serve as its substitute for six months.

Although, Denver is alive with a bustling nightlife, but was insufficient in something distinctively disco. To cover that gap, Neon Baby has stepped in the late-night entertainment scene of Denver. The club has gone above and beyond in gaining acceptance and popularity among the forever lovers of its older sibling, Yeah Baby. The building in which this beautiful and quaint club is located has a rich history. In 1889, the venue was functioning as a brothel before it was made a Buddhist temple. However, it still sat unattended up to the time of Neon Baby’s advent.

As soon as you enter the venue, you will be faced with a blast of hallucinated colors, psychedelic ambiance, funky colors, and the chic crowd. The striped walls will catch your attention. A colossal disco ball twinkles and twirls among the neon lighting. The venue seems nothing less than a dreamlike and heavenly place. Not only the locals but world-renowned artists and DJs are rocking the stage here. Expect surprises as the venue brings something unique and exuberant every night. The weekly events such as Neon Pop Fridays are very popular.

The bar extends the unique and most flavorful liquors. The bartenders are pleasing and welcoming who leave no efforts in bringing you the drinks of your life. If you are planning to visit any new club in Denver, ensure it is Neon Baby. But do not procrastinate as this one of a kind pop-up venue is soon to be disappeared. Pip Pip!

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