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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Cannes

1) GOTHA Club Cannes

GOTHA Club Cannes is a nightclub established in summer of 2011, located on the middle of the French Riviera, overlooking the bay of Cannes. GOTHA is a very unique and exclusive nightclub which hosts various sophisticated events and possess its own original concept of fun, by mixing two worlds classic nightclub and live entertainment. This nightclub puts you in the festive spirit, by providing you with the world’s most exclusive and glamorous disco club as well as outstanding program, this club has organized events with famous international artists Snoop Dog, Guetta, Dr. Dre just to name a few!

2) Bâoli Cannes

Bâoli Cannes is a nightclub located in the heart of Port Canto, with its attractive location and upscale nightlife scene it represents the hotspot of the Cannes night out. From the restaurant to the club via the bar, you will find this place magical, it is very unique and it resembles no other venue in the Cöte d’Azur. In India Bâolis represent very deep ancient walls, considered to be art works as well as areas intended for rituals, in these places people needed to go down many steps to get to the water. In Baoli three ideas mix into one, welcoming atmosphere of a lounge bar in tropical decor, exquisite gastronomical restaurant and a very known nightclub is there for a selected jet-set clientele.

3) Chrystie Cannes

Chrystie Cannes is a nightclub situated in 22 rue Macé in Cannes. It represents an exclusive bar-lounge combination along with a classy restaurant and a high-end club area. This night club emphasizes the presence of a massive, modern bar placed right in the center of all activity, which resembles vintage art décor and it offers a wide collection of delicious drinks and cocktails to its guests. Club’s bar area is widely known for its premium cocktails and very fine dishes. Chrystie is a night club that doesn’t stand still, this venue transforms as the night passes and it hosts some of the best-in-class events and high-end parties in Cannes. It is usually frequented by celebrities and VIPs from around the world. Throughout the week, the club is brimming with excited clubbing crowd that gets lost in the top music tracks as played by the in-house DJs.

4) Club 7 Cannes

Club 7 Cannes is a nightclub in 7 rue rouguiere Cannes, this nightclub is secluded from the usual nightspots of the city and it is located in the old town district. For a tourist wanting to party, this club may be a little bit hard to find, it has non-descript wooden doors and it is not recognizable on first, but local people can help you find it very easily.

5) LE CHAT NOIR Cannes

LE CHAT NOIR Cannes is a private club located in 15 rue des Freres Pradignac, Cannes. This nightclub has very offbeat tropical chic decor, that welcomes you in a warm way to ensure great atmosphere and fun. Chat Noir refuses to follow the precise dictates of rhinestones and sequins cannois to retain the mystery, originality without forgetting the refinement and elegance of the Côte d’Azur. Nightclub has a very unique décor, it is dimly lit and it is home to various shapes and forms of led and neon lights that combined with great music from local and international DJs certainly spruce the atmosphere, and make it live. This venue is decently sized and it can host various events such as parties, theme nights.. etc. There is a wide dance floor at the center that gets crowded with party people very fast.

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