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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Lille

1) Discotheque B-floor Lille

Discotheque B-floor Lille is a nightclub located in the Sebastopol district 300m from the Bowling Subway. It is known as one of the trendiest Lille’s nightclubs. Its unique decor, magical and festive atmosphere will charm you into spending a night here. B-floor is decorated in a both modern and retro style with flashy colors that reminiscent of some nightclubs from the 70s and 80s. Lighting walls can change the atmosphere of the establishment depending on the theme evening planned for that night. This vibrant nightclub is a favorited and frequented by students and party-goers of Lille. B-floor is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 11.00pm to 07.00am. This night club is also famous for its huge dance floor, that can accommodate up to 500 people. On Friday and Saturday nights this club really gets packed.

2) Magazine Club Lille

Magazine Club Lille strives to import the spirit of the most prestigious Belgian clubs into Lille. Night club is established to create and offer a huge playground for party goers capable of meeting their expectations. Magazine Club is opened in 2010. It features raw and minimal decor and a contemporary atmosphere with decidedly industrial accents. Interior is designed by Ghent architecture studio „Nu“ which is a close collaborator of the designers of the famous „Culture Club“ in Belgium. Nightclub features a revolutionary sound system, and a ceiling that is entirely covered with LED lights, atmosphere here at night is great and place like this will most certainly stay in your memory for a long time. Magazine Club is open on Friday and Sunday from 11.00pm to 06.00am. People in the  25-30 age group frequent this club.

3) Les Folies Lille

Les Folies Lille is located in the 52 Avenue du Peuple Belge, Lille in the old part of town. This night club is inspired by the “Folies de Paris” then the “Prestige Palace”, two cabarets that have marked the Lille. Management wanted to keep the stage and preserve the show dimension in every evening so Les Folies opened its doors. It is truly a mythical place of Lille nights and it positioned itself as a chic and trendy private club filled with stories by its theatrical past. The theater-cabaret spirit has been preserved, the moldings, the spirit, the decoration, it will give you a true feeling of being in an old cabaret. Les Folies gathers 18 to 30 years old clientele, mostly students and young people who appreciate relaxed atmosphere and good spirit of this place come here.

4) Smile Club Lille

Smile Club Lille is located at 3 rue Ernest Deconynck, stone throw from the citadel of Lille, in one of the oldest and most popular neighborhoods of the capital of the North. Nightclub is ideally located in one of the most beautiful historic districts and it is considered as an institution of the city of Lille. Smile Club is perfectly served by public transport, which is a big benefit for all party-goers as taxis, buses and metros are always nearby. This establishment is known and recognized for the exceptional parties it organizes and its warm and friendly welcome, and it owns good rating to its manager who created a place dedicated to music lovers and party-goers who want to dance, meet friends and just have fun.

5) Le Baron Club Lille

Le Baron Club Lille is a nightclub located in the center of Lille in 30 Rue Pierre Mauroy. You will easily find it in the never ending line of different shops and cafes, it is near Hotel Carlton. Club is founded couple of months ago and its main focus is to provide a nightclub dedicated to electronic music. With more than 100,000 students Lille is a very dynamic city, with a great cultural programming, but they lack certain types of night clubs. Management of Le Baron is here to improve that. Le baron started out as a piano bar, but that concept wasn’t viable so team tried to change things up by moving electronic music mainstream after midnight, and with some changes like the music, logo and interior Le Baron started seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

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