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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Monaco

1) Jimmy’z Monaco


Jimmy’z Monaco is one of the world’s most iconic and legendary nightclubs. It is frequently referred to as ‘The Temple of Clubbing,’ because it features some of the world’s most well-known guest DJ’s, popular celebrities and VIPs. Ask someone in Monaco to suggest you best nightclubs and you are bound to hear Jimmy’z. This nightclub first opened its doors in 1971 and since than it became the place to go for seasoned jet-setters, showbiz stars, fashion icons and sporting heroes. For over forty years, Jimmy’z worked tirelessly at getting the best DJs and the most promising world’s talents to perform in Monaco.

2) Twiga Monaco


Twiga Monaco is a nightclub located in Monaco. It is situated between the Grimaldi Forum and Fairmont Hotel and it is a successful project of Flavio Briatore an Italian A-list entrepreneur. Twiga features an unique concept that provides an beautiful experience for everyone: it is a restaurant, a lounge area and a crazy popular beach nightclub. Twiga nightclub was born from the experience reaped from the Billionaire Clubs, one of the world’s legendary nightclubs and a worldwide well-established brand. It is a place that seriously competes for its spot for the best club along Côte d’Azur.

3) La Rascasse Monaco


La Rascasse Monaco is a nightclub/bar situated down in the Port of Monaco, amongst the superyachts. This venue got its name after the famous Rascasse bend on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. If you’re an F1 fan, you should definitely check out La Rascasse as it is situated on the Rascasse bend of the circuit. Nightclub exemplifies the true spirit of Monaco, featuring two unique ambiances for guests to this iconic location. It features a big outdoor terrace overlooking the port and crazy big superyachts, and a super modern indoor bar with a dance floor. This place converts from a cosy day café , to a bar with live music in the evening, with DJs that take over somewhere from the midnight until dawn.

4) MK Club Monaco

MK Club Monaco

MK Club Monaco  is a nightclub located in 8 Route de la Piscine, Monaco. It is a very modern and stylish establishment that has been recently redesigned. It is known as one of the most famous Monaco nightclubs. MK Club is decent sized, and there is a decent size dance floor. They have a large bar with a crazy selection of various expensive drinks and cocktails. Atmosphere here is off the charts, space is very nicely decorated and it gives you a feeling of space and luxuriousness. Staff is very knowledgeable and polite, if you can think of a cocktail barmen will try to make it for you. Drink prices are regular for Monaco, but compared to other party places in Europe, things in Monaco can get a little pricey. Overall if you want to spend a nice evening with your friends, party and dance this is a spot for you.

5) Amber Lounge Monaco

Amber Lounge Monaco

Amber Lounge Monacois a concept nightclub/after party establishment located on 22 Avenue Princesse Grâce, Monaco. It is a well-known Formula 1 after-party destination. Monaco party lovers adore this place and for a good reason, you have great food, stunning view, delicious drinks and cocktails and a place where party does not stop till the sun rises. This place has it all, it is a perfect location to get a couple of drinks and relax with friends, until the party starts. Amber Lounge is open until 7 am. If you want to experience F1 and you can afford to pay for what you clearly get then do it in style with the Amber Lounge.

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Is the nightlife in Monaco good?

Monaco is where the rich and famous go to play. From its casinos and nightclubs to beautiful opera houses, it’s no wonder this little principality has become such a magnet for celebrities, the wealthy, and international thrill-seekers.

How long in Monaco? As long as you like, really.

Monaco is so small that you can easily visit it as a day trip, but of course there are those who prefer to spend a bit more time here. If you plan to take part in as many activities as possible and take it slow, 3 days and 2 nights is sufficient for a stay here.

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