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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Sheffield

1. Beg, Borrow & Steal Sheffield

Beg, Borrow & Steal Sheffield is a club located on Carver Street, in Sheffield. It allows customers to have free access into the club all night, every night. Moreover, this club also has a strict dress code policy and only allows formally dressed people to enter. In addition, the club also hosts guest DJs to ensure that partygoers keep partying and dancing their nights away. Moreover, the drinks are cheap and tasty. The music played in this club ranged from RnB, Grime, old school and many more. In addition, entrance is only limited to people of ages 18 and above. Lastly, a dance floor is also available for customers to let loose on.

2. Code Sheffield

Code Sheffield best club for four years in a row and has proved to be worth it each time. Moreover, it is the biggest student venue in Sheffield, and is home to three of the most popular student nights; Student Saturdays, 11-year-old jump around Thursdays, and Chaos Tuesdays. In addition, the club also hosts global nights including Seth Troxler and Green Velvet. Furthermore, the club also has LED lighting, 6 bars, and a 6 am license. Large seating space and a big dance floor, fit for students looking to party their nights. Moreover, the club also has different genres of music playing such as chart-toppers and classics, as well as indie and rock music.

3. West Street Live Sheffield

West Street Live Sheffield is a club that is located on West Street in Sheffield. It is more famously known because of its extremely unique concoctions that are not only tasty bizarre but also cheap. Whether it may be young students or middle-aged men looking to grab a drink after work, it is open for all. In addition, the club is also open throughout the week, with live musical performances every night. Furthermore, there are also DJs that keep the night filled with good tunes after the live performances. The music playing in this club ranges from indie to pop and rock.

4. The Viper Rooms Sheffield 

The Viper Rooms Sheffield is located on Carver Street, in Sheffield. It offers customers with a night for all. Moreover, the club itself has a sophisticated and exclusive environment. It has a strict dress to impress dress code policy. The upstairs portion has an airy bar as well a sophisticated cocktail lounge. This lounge is inspired by a 90s New York vibe. In addition, the club downstairs provides an intimate environment with a great sound system providing big tunes such as classics and chart-toppers. These tunes will definitely get you dancing on the floor all night long. Moreover, the club also hosts a variety of famous DJs to ensure that the party does not stop all night long.

5. The Tuesday Club Sheffield

The Tuesday Club Sheffield is another famous club that is quite popular with students, mainly because of its Students Union night. Moreover, the club also has the best DJs around that are also famous, such as Hannah Wants and Bondax. However, the club has high ticket prices, but are worth every penny. Moreover, the drinks are also affordable and plenty. In addition, the music playing in this club includes underground electronic music that is guaranteed to make you dance your nights away on the dance floor. The club opened in 1998, which means it is quite close to the hearts of Sheffield’s locals. Lastly, the dress code consists of casual wear.

6. The Night Kitchen Sheffield

The Night Kitchen Sheffield is located in Smithfield, Sheffield. This club acts as a labyrinth of rooms for customers to navigate, creating an overall immersive and unique experience. Moreover, the club also has a rocking playlist, with tracks from genres of house, drum, and bass, to reggae. In addition, the club also has benches and canopies surrounding everywhere, creating an airy environment. The club also has interesting and unique artwork scattered around, as well as sculptures. Furthermore, the sofa lounge provides comfortable seating as well as a more intimate and homey vibe. A dancefloor is also present, giving partygoers a chance to dance their nights away. Lastly, entrance is limited to people of ages 18 and above.

7. Tank Sheffield

Tank Sheffield is the perfect club to party in on a boring Monday night. It attracts people who are more than ready to skip their Tuesday lectures. Moreover, this club emits a house oriented vibe, while also providing the perfect house tunes to get partygoers dancing all night long. Moreover, the bar in the club offers a wide variety of drinks that are also affordable, making it a bigger hit with students. In addition, the club also hosts various famous DJs who guarantee to provide you a night filled with good music and partying. The club also hosts live music nights for local talent to take the stage and showcase their talents to the audience.

8. Roar Sheffield 

Roar Sheffield is a club that promises students the wildest Wednesdays they could ever dream of. This club has special timings for students during the term that go from 11:30 pm to 3 am. Moreover, the music in this club consists of chart-toppers as well as classics, perfect to get students in the mood to dance their nights away. Nights in Roar help forget all about their academic worries. In addition, the drinks are also happily affordable, making it even more popular with the student crowd. In addition, the environment is also quite laid back with students dancing and lounging, making it the ultimate hot spot on a Wednesday night. Lastly, the club also hosts various themed nights such as fresher’s week so students can make friends over drinks.

9. Popworld Sheffield

Popworld Sheffield is located on Carver Street, in Sheffield. This club has a retro and energetic environment with pop culture pictures scattered all around, providing an actual pop world for customers as soon as they step inside this club. Moreover, the club also has VIP areas that have access to the whole view of the club, which they can win through contests online, along with bottles of alcohol and mixers and much more. Furthermore, as the name suggests, the club plays a wide variety of pop music as well as popular music from the 90s. In addition, the club also has a wide variety of pop world cocktails, or as they call it, poptails, to choose from, that is also quite cheap. This venue is perfect for birthdays and hen parties.

10. Pop Tarts Sheffield

Pop Tarts Sheffield is one of the best student union clubs in the city of Sheffield, with selling out weeks in advance. Moreover, as the name of the club suggests, pop songs are quite popular here, ranging from Beyonce to Britney, they have it all. In addition to all the pop, they also make sure to play some retro chart toppers to make partygoers groove on the dancefloor all night long. Moreover, the drinks in this club are also happily affordable and plenty, making it a big hit amongst students. They also host themed nights such as Alumni nights as well as freshers weeknight to invite all sorts of people to their club to enjoy.

11. Plug Sheffield

Plug Sheffield is an award-winning nightclub and venue, which is located on Matilda Street, in Sheffield. It opened in 2005 and is one of the top independent live music venues and nightclubs. Moreover, the club has hosted famous live acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Patti Smith, and Lily Allen, among many more. In addition, the club also hosts various DJ nights so people have the ability to party their nights until the early hours of dawn. Moreover, the club also has a laid-back policy regarding clothing and allows casual wear. Lastly, the music playing in this club ranges from indie to alternative rock, and on some occasions, rock as well. It also hosts various tribute nights such as Coldplay tribute night.

12. O2 Academy Sheffield

O2 Academy Sheffield is Sheffield’s premier music venue. This club hosts various famous bands such as Papa Roach, Babyshambles, and Pendulum. Moreover, the club also hosts club nights all seven days a week and includes nights such as Jellybaby Mondays and Propaganda Fridays. In addition, the club also hosts DJs on Saturdays to ensure that the party continues to flow in full swing. Furthermore, some nights, you might even get to witness a live band performance or a celebrity DJ. Moreover, the drinks in this club are also quite cheap, making it a bit hit amongst students. Lastly, the music played in this club ranges from indie and alternative rock to commercial pop and RnB.

13. Corporation Sheffield

Corporation Sheffield is a big hit with the students because of their insanely cheap drinking packages. Moreover, the club itself is also quite spacious with plenty of rooms as well as a large smoking area. In addition, the club also has themed nights such as heavy metal night on Saturdays. People dress up in leather from head to toe and party their nights away. Furthermore, the music played also varies from night to night. It ranges from rock, metal to indie, pop and hip hop. The club also hosts live music nights every now and then so local talent has a platform to perform their music. Entrance for this club is limited to people of ages 18 and above.

14. Paris Sheffield

Paris Sheffield is located on Carver Street, Sheffield. Itis a club that provides you with sophisticated and exclusive décor, premium events along with the best DJs around. Moreover, the club also has various themed nights such as ‘Baby Got Back’ Fridays, which provide nonstop 90s RnB and hip hop tracks, along with classics. In addition, the Scene Saturday nights of the club provide customers with the ultimate Parisian experience, coupled with VIP treatment. In addition, the club also has a strict dress code policy and only allows formal clothing. Furthermore, a dancefloor is also available so people can dance until their hearts’ full desire. Lastly, the club’s entrance is limited to people of ages 18 and above.

15. The Leadmill Sheffield

The Leadmill Sheffield

The Leadmill Sheffield  is one of the oldest event venue and night club in Sheffield. It has been hosting musical performances and club nights since the 80s. It has been voted one of the best night clubs in the city multiple times and hosts 150 club nights each with its own theme. The stage has been graced by many local and international artists including Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, Muse and Oasis. The house DJ plays music according to the theme of the club night which includes world music, EDM, techno and hip hop. Make sure you check their schedule before heading on out there and be prepared for whatever they have in store.

16. Crystal Bar Sheffield

Crystal Bar Sheffield  is a beautiful multi-functional space that in the Sheffield city center. There are five rooms inside the establishment each with a theme unique to it. The night club is a popular option when it comes to celebrations and parties. You can book a VIP table for you and your group or the entire space if you are planning a big event. The club can accommodate up to 800 people and they have event packages suitable for every budget. The cocktails at Crystal are raved about because of the number of variations they are available in. The club also hosts live music events and you can check their event calendar to find out more.

17. Onyx Sheffield

Onyx Sheffield

Onyx Sheffield is one of those venues that have recently opened up in Sheffield. The club was launched in January 2020 in the middle of the city’s clubbing district and has surely claimed its place on the list of best places to party in Sheffield. Onyx is created with a great vision in mind and all the features are up to the highest standards. The interior décor, sound system, service and theme is made to enhance the customer’s experience beyond their wildest imagination. Onyx is the new destination spot where the breathtaking design will make you want to whip out your phone and take pictures. Onyx offers the best entertainment and showcases music from artists all over the world.

18. Foundry Sheffield

Foundry Sheffield  is a club for the students of Sheffield and it is inside the Student’s Union. The club is known for hosting the best DJ nights in the city. They invite DJs from around the world and there is a new lineup every week. The venue also hosts drag shows and standup comedy acts during the week. Their parties are one of the most awaited events of the social calendar and the tickets sell out fast. The club is accessible through buses and you can get dropped right back to campus once you have had your fill. Foundry also hosts concerts and you can catch a musical concert there if you are lucky.

19. Yellow Arch Studios Sheffield

Yellow Arch Studios Sheffield

Yellow Arch Studios Sheffield is built inside a recovered Victorian building and has been around since the 1990s. The venue is a recording studio, live music hall as well as a night club. They host a diverse range of events and themed parties. The Guardian has rated is one of the top 5 places in the country for a night out. They have a bar, café, main event hall and a secluded courtyard which can accommodate a large number of people. Yellow Arch Studios is open to bookings for private events and parties so you can plan your next birthday, bachelor party or grand celebration there.

20. Revolucion de Cuba Sheffield

Revolucion de Cuba Sheffield

Revolucion de Cuba Sheffield is the place to fall in love and the people of Sheffield do not need an excuse to party. A Cuban-style fiesta where you can have tapas cocktails and dance to Salsa and Bachata music. Doesn’t that sound lovely? The club knows how to turn up the heat whether it is on their weekend club nights or for one of the private parties. If you are expecting an average night out then Revolucion de Cuba will surely surprise you. New Year’s Eve is one of the most awaited night of the year at the club because they pack an entire year’s of fiesta into one night.

21. Cubana Sheffield

Cubana Sheffield

Cubana Sheffield is one of the clubs in Sheffield that stands out. It is a place that operates as a bar during the week but on weekends it hosts the best Salsa club nights in the city. If you are in Sheffield and looking for some flavour then Cubana is the place to be. They have DJs playing Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton music until early morning. The club also offers Salsa dance lessons during the day time e in case you are interested in upping your dance game. There are dancers on the dance floor from the beginner’s level to professionals so the key is to just have a good time.

22. Area Sheffield

Area Sheffield

Area Sheffield is one of the latest additions to Sheffield’s night life and it is also one of the biggest venues in the city. The club has 11 meter high ceilings, and is divided into 4 unique separate areas. The place is inspired by an New York City loft and it is built with raw steel and concrete. The warehouse club has LEDs on the walls, a complete laser lighting system and the best speakers out there. The space can house up to 2000 people. There is a custom built DJ booth where the jockeys spin House and commercial House records. They have special effects such as CO2 cannons and flames that are used to wow the crowd.

23. The Queer Junction Sheffield

The Queer Junction Sheffield

The Queer Junction Sheffield is a club where people come to be their real selves. The walls feature artistic graffiti, there is a Dr. Who inspired Tardis and also a DJ booth inspired by Davros. The Queer Junction welcomes everyone, and it is a safe space free of any kind of discrimination. There are regular DJs playing the best hits as well as special guest sets by acclaimed jockeys. The bar staff has been rated as highly friendly and the club remains throughout the week until early morning, so this is the club everyone ends up at after the others close up.

24. The Box Sheffield

The Box Sheffield

The Box Sheffield is the smallest and most intimate club out of the lot is The Box. It has a laid-back vibe and you can go here if you are not in the mood for a rave. There are a number of delicious and unique cocktails on the menu that you just have to try! You can get together with friends and bop to the music or get buzzed before you go to the actual party. There is no entry charge and the club remains open till late so you can spend a chunk of your night here.

25. Dempsey’s Sheffield

Dempsey's Sheffield

Dempsey’s Sheffield is in Sheffield then your nightlife experience remains incomplete. Staggering out of the club on Sunday morning is a rite of passage. Time can get away from you when you are in the club sipping one cocktail after another. Dempsey’s is a gay and LGBT club that operates as a bar in the daytime. There is a large crowd in the place once the clock strikes midnight and you are bound to find people of every ethnicity, background and orientation. The DJ is open to requests so the music in the club is of a very diverse range too.

26. Hope Works Sheffield

Hope Works Sheffield

Hope Works Sheffield is a club and live music venue in Sheffield that has been known to promote Techno music. They have invited many breakthrough artists as well as hosted the big names in the business. The objective of the club is to bring together a rag tag group of people that doesn’t necessarily fit anywhere. The club surprises with a lot of special parties and rave nights planned every week. Their guest list fills up fast so it is recommended you sign up early. They have a great bar and a huge dance area so you can grab your favorite drink and dance to the catchiest tunes.