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The Best Places to go Clubbing in St-Tropez

1) Vip Room St-Tropez

Vip Room St-Tropez

Vip Room St-Tropez is a night club located in Quai de l’ Epi, Saint-Tropez. This club is a mix of avant-garde concept and contemporary design, it features walls decorated with lights that illuminate the place and give it a glamorous atmosphere and appearance as well as great bars and a charming restaurant. The mesmerizing decor is very modern, decorated with mirrors, glass, and lights that change color and the mood of the club. Vip Room is designed by the architect Gianni Ranaulo who  designed it to get the maximum out of the club and it can now accommodate over 700 people, which is impressive for  such a small place. This is a place that attracts a lot of party goers and celebrities, place where crazy summer parties are held every night, place well known all over the world as a go to venue of wild partying, it is open till early hours of morning, so you can party all night long. When you ask someone for the go to party place in St. Tropez you will most likely be guided to Vip Room. Night club is frequented by some of the most iconic celebrities from the world of music and movie, such as Bruce Willis, Paris Hilton, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Rihanna and David Guetta, just to name a few.

2) GAÏO Saint-Tropez

GAÏO Saint-Tropez

GAÏO Saint-Tropez is a unique mix 3 in 1 venue: a restaurant, bar and a nightclub located in Rue du 11 Novembre 1918, Saint-Tropez.  This style of venues was popularized in 60s, when two brothers Doudou and Frangy opened a restaurant called Papagayo. At the time they had an idea of creating an elegant and casual restaurant that is close to the sea. Place opened its doors in the town’s oldest venue. 60s in general were the best time for opening such places, given that the 60s were the period of increasing glory of French movies and music. Brigitte Bardot was mostly credited to giving small village like Saint Tropez its world glory and popularity. From 60s Saint Tropez became very well known place and started getting visits by hundreds of celebrities and millionaires. Places like Papagayo gained much popularity became famous restaurants on the coast. Papagayo is now known as Gaїo and it is a restaurant, a cocktail bar and a nightclub which offers some of the best Japanese and Peruvian cuisine during the day, during the night it turns into a go-to party temple, frequented by celebrities such as Paris Hilton!

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Is it hard to get into clubs in St Tropez?

St Tropez has some of the most celebrated nightspots in Europe. You wouldn’t expect otherwise – but unless you are very famous or outstandingly beautiful, they can be difficult to get into and the queues can stretch endlessly. And, once in, they can be terrifyingly expensive.

Is Saint-Tropez good for partying?

Saint Tropez boasts some of the most celebrated nightlife in Europe. It is a destination that is synonymous with glamour, celebrities, parties, oversized yachts, and stunning scenery.

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