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Nowhere Bar Louisville, Guide & Review

Get out to enjoy and dance the night away! Plenty of better options if you are looking for a fun and safe evening. Nowhere Bar Louisville is an Upbeat nightclub specializing in electronic dance music, with lots of TVs, pool tables & a patio. It’s located in Bardstown Road, Louisville, United States. They pride themselves on being open to everyone. Everyday Nowhere Bar brings new excitement, so whether you want to dance the night away, shoot a few games of pool, or chill on their patio be assured you’ll feel right at home.

EDM Saturdays with incredible DJ, video and dance specializing in electronic dance music, house DJ on weekends and special DJs from all over the country. It may be cold outside but inside it’s hot.

Sip an awesome cocktail and enjoy weekly food specials. Really solid staff, great diversified crowd, gay friendly, fabulous atmosphere, stunning ambience to enjoy all through the night, wonderful outside seating, nice lighting, awesome DJs, nice prices and specials, fun music for dancing, large open spaces, they will serve you your favorite cocktails, food specials everyday and all night, karaoke music, wonderful security, a great patio and friendly staff.

Hope to see everyone out and see tonight at Nowhere Bar and definitely they are ready for everyone for an awesome night out. Welcome to Nowhere: it’s like no where you’ve been before. Great place to hang out, have drinks, listen and dance to good music. It’s a trendy place where everyone feels welcomed. Recommended to anyone looking for an awesome night out at Louisville. Stop and have your favorite drink!

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Safe???!!! Hardly

Rated 1.0 out of 5
June 20, 2022

I won’t feel safe as long as the people who are supposed to be protecting me there are killing other patrons.

Cindy Hooper

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