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Origin San Francisco, Guide & Review

Origin is a classy, elegant, and beautifully designed place. Our 8000 square feet building is a pure bliss for clubbers. Couches, Banquettes, wooden floor, multiple bars, and a comfortable lounge area are installed here. Our excellent lighting and sound system will leave you dumbstruck. A DJ booth is also available here in which San Francisco’s hottest DJs play music.

Every Saturday, we host an event called Taste. During which Top 40, Club Classics and R &B music are played. On 10th August we will organize an event called The Brazilian Nightclub. During which DJ KBLO and Double B will perform. They will play Baile Funk, Brazilian Top Hits and Club Anthems. SF SAMBA will also provide Live music as well. Guests who join our guest list before 10: 30 pm will gain free admission into our club. We will also be hosting a Gameboi event. It is an LGBTQ friendly function.

Origin is capable of handling different styled, and our team of professionals will ensure that you have a good time. Bottle service is also available here. Our bottle menu is comprised of Champagne, Vodka, Cognacs, Scotch, Whiskey, Cordial and VIP Beer Buckets, etc. Multiple Birthday packages are also available at our place. They come with Premium Spirits, Souse Champagne, Shout from the DJ, Cake, Sparkler, Birthday Cake and various other amenities. Fill our online form and let us handle the rest.

We are open on Friday and Saturday. Our timings are from 9 pm to 2 am.

Come in your most beautiful clothes and rock out at our club. Please don’t wear sportswear, baggy clothes or any similar attire.

So, if you are looking for a high class and trendy place, then the Origin is your top choice. We will provide you excellent service, superb drinks, and fantastic music. Visit us soon.

Origin San Francisco Dress Code Guide

Origin is yet another venture of the Grand in Soma. This nightclub is all about elegance, decor, and a wide dance floor. If you love to spend a night in a top-notch nightclub in San Francisco, then Origin SF is where you should be. Its warm ambience, refreshing drinks, and hip hop music make it one of the most popular nightclubs in San Francisco.

Now a popular nightclub like this has a proper dress code, and you should always try to follow it. In this post, we will talk about that dress code.

Origin SF Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the ladies

Apart from sports attire, swimsuits, gym attire, more or less, everything is allowed in the nightclub.

Dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, and shirts are all accepted in the nightclub. The color doesn’t matter here. Just make sure your dress doesn’t contain any logo or quotes.

Ripped jeans and t-shirts are rejected here. So, don’t wear them.

Backpacks are not allowed. Carry clutch instead. Make the clutch is small, branded, and decent. Don’t carry drugs for Christ’s sake. You’ll be in big trouble.

There is yet another point that I must tell you. You should never wear baggy clothes or oversized clothes. Those dresses make you look like a pumpkin that can’t be eaten.

Is a cocktail dress allowed?

Yes. A cocktail dress is allowed in the nightclub. It can be short or long. There is no rule regarding neckline also. You can wear the boldest neckline. No one will say anything. Just make sure the attire compliments your body.

Can you wear sandals? 

No. Sandals and flip flops are not allowed for women. They can wear heels and stilettos. If you don’t wear heels, then practice wearing wedges. Those are much more comfortable than heels. You can get them at thrifty stores at an affordable price.

Origin SF Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Collared shirts, jeans, and dress shoes make a man look like a gentleman in a nightclub. Origin SF is extremely selective about its guests, so men should rather try to their best in this nightclub. They shouldn’t wear sneakers, sports shoes, work boots, leather boots, flip flops, sandals, etc.

Like sports shoes, jerseys, sweatshirts, baseball caps, hats, joggers, and track jackets are not allowed here.

White shirts with logos targeting a specific community can create chaos inside the nightclub. So the nightclub doesn’t appreciate anyone wearing these types of clothes.

Our Suggestions 

Be smart and attractive when it comes to dressing code in the Origin SF nightclub. Apply subtle makeup so that you don’t look made up. Men shouldn’t wear big jewelry if possible because that doesn’t look good. Women can wear sexy accessories.

During the weekends, the nightclub is extremely busy. The doormen look for a scope to prevent men and women from entering into the nightclub during these days since a huge crowd gathers there. So be extra careful during these days.

Wear something dressy so that the doormen don’t get any chance to deny entry.

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